Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tim Urban and Siobhan Magnus was voted out....huhuhuhu

Anybody here fans of the American Idol?? I am.....and so is my Mom hehehehe......we are into the zone every week when the show is on. We even watch the repeats of the show at other times of the day. Well, we can do that because of Astro hehehehe. Astro will repeat the show a few times a day so it's great especially if the songs were our favorites for that week. Last week Tim Urban was voted out and this week I can't believe that Siobhan Magnus was voted out.....I guess it is inevitable because there are only 6 finalist now in American Idol Season 9 and one of them is bound to be voted out each week until they come to the final two. I wonder who will be the next American's so exciting!!! 

I was thinking in my head that Siobhan would make it to the final two.....her being voted out really came as a surprise to me especially since she was given good reviews from the judges this week except for Simon who said that she sounded in some parts, like someone who was giving birth!! Gosh! How could he! So bad! Boo! I thought she sounded good.....huhuhu. I love Tim too.....he has a great smile and a great voice....I thought he was doing so well and it was a surprise for me too when he got voted just doesn't seem to make sense. People are just not voting hard enough for them. I can't vote coz I'm not an American hahahaha....too bad.

Please check out my favorite performances from these two talented singers..... in this Youtube videos :)

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iYda Juhar said...

umah saye tak de astro.. huuhu.. so tak leh nonton ler.. :-1

Azlina Abdul said...

Iyda...American Idol ni ada tunjuk kat 8tv tau setiap hari Khamis...Astro tu yg best tu sebab diaorang repeat banyak kali, tu jer la yg best....hehehe