Saturday, April 17, 2010


Old frying pans and ceramic toilet tank as plant pots! hehehe! Yup....these are my Mom's work.....she loves to recycle stuff that are supposed to be either given away or thrown away. Sometimes I wonder why she bothers to do all this because she does have so many unused good quality plant pots available to plant her why use these old pans?? I couldn't get an answer from her either. She'll get upset whenever I ask her.......she's always hoping that I would be able to read her mind or something hehehehe! I just don't get it.....I guess I'll have to look at it in a different way......treat it like a work of art! ;)
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Grace to You said...

I like it! :) Your mom is very creative. I think you should treat it as a work of art. ;)

Azlina Abdul said...

Yup! It's definitely a work of art hehehe