Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ramly Burger

I love hamburgers ........don't you??? I'm sure a lot of people out there love it too. My Mom and I have been buying them quite a few a while back......errrr....don't get me wrong....we don't buy and eat them every day......just once in a while when the cravings kicks in hehehe. But I told my Mom that it's not really that healthy eating those burgers that we buy from those burger stalls because not only are they so oily but also some of the things they added in the making of the burger itself makes me have allergic reactions sometimes. :P

So we decided to buy these frozen Ramly Burger to keep in stock in the fridge so that whenever we have cravings, we would fry and make our own burgers.....less sinful ones hehehehe..... :P As you can see from the photo above, that's how I make my burger......layered with so many butter head lettuce and slices of tomatoes and cucumbers.....I don't think you can see the tomatoes or cucumbers here that much because the lettuce has hidden them all hahahaha....but you can see the burger right?? Yeah, instead of beef burger, we bought ourselves these frozen fish burgers made by Ramly Burger.......hmmm, they are not bad at all.....quiet tasty!!I love eating lettuce.....they are so good for us. The best thing about it is that it is great for our cleanses it....better than how papayas can clean it is so easy to clean, it does not have to be cooked and it is best to eat it raw with all the life enzymes  still intact! So it works great for me since I usually don't have much time to cook these days....hehehehe.

This is what I had for lunch today....hehehhe.....another blissful lunch time....... ;)
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mangosteenskin said...

Wow...your burger does looks delicious!! yum yum!

Mango pun standby ramly burger dlm freezer. Ada burger ayam, burger daging dan sosej lembu. My hubby love the sosej lembu. Selain tu ada juga Ayamas Chicken patties, chicken cocktail, dan chicken meatloaf. Biasanya mango akan buat sarapan; maybe 2 biji sosej, 1 keping meatloaf, 2 biji cocktail~bungkus dlm foil dan bakar. hidang bersama potato seasoned with a bit olive oil + mixed herbs or french dressing. Atau just buat graden salad with tomato, lettuce, capsicum, onion, corn. Oh, tambah 2 keping roti lg. Sos tabasco jangan lupa. Hahahahahaha. Pernah my hubby complain kenapa breakfast heavy cakap ini Brunch bukan Breakfast. Hehehe.

Azlina Abdul said...

Fullamak Mango!!! Macam sedap jer your brunch tu! Sounds good to me! hehee! And the garden salad sounds so yummy! Yup, kita kena selalu standby frozen food dalam fridge in case of emergency (bila masak masak atau terlalu sibuk hehehe). These type of food are fast to cook and good to eat. You remind me of my friend...he loves Tabasco too! :)