Monday, April 26, 2010

Papier mache'

Nice or not???? heheheh! This is one of my earliest papier mache' projects. I made it  years ago when I was unemployed. I've just graduated at that time and didn't know what to do with the spare time I had and was thinking of ways to explore my craft skills. This was one of the many things I did including experimenting with the card making hobby which is my main source of income nowadays :). I made so many papier mache' bowls and pencil all of them are placed for display in the glass cupboard. I did a lot of experiments back then......I was like a mad scientist hahahaha......a poor mad scientist hahahaha.....

I learn how to make this papier mache' bowl from a TV program if I'm not mistaken. They showed on TV how it was done and I quickly tried it out to see if it really works. I was a ceramic student so that's why I loved making all this stuff that's has some connection with the forms and function of the craft itself. I didn't have the opportunity to do ceramic related work after graduation, so I did things that kinda reminded me of it in a way. Although the things I did later were just made from paper hehehe......At that point I realized how much we can do with paper. There are all sorts of projects to be tried out that's related to paper. If I had internet access back then, I would probably be even more inventive with my experiments. But since I didn't, I just did what I can with the sources I had available. I even recycled paper back then. Be it newspaper, old A4 paper and all sorts of paper that can be recycled.

I was so much into recycling that my room looked like a junk yard......I collected so much of junk to be recycled hahahaha........but now, that is in the past. I don't do much collecting anymore, although sometimes I do get second hand stuff from my aunt....she is the recycling type as she like to give me things every now and then that she thinks I can use for my business. But I use a lot of new stuff these days for my business. I don't like to mix second hand stuff with new materials anymore. I try to giveaway  second hand stuff instead of keeping them in my room till they start to decompose. hahahahha. I still keep most of my recycled paper. There are lots of them still unused. I treasure them since I don't have the time to make new ones anymore. I will share with you all some photos of it someday. :)
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Grace to You said...

I love this bowl, Azlina! It's beautiful!! Seriously.

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Sandi...I made two of them actually...but this one is my favourite piece :)