Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kueh sfera.....or shall I say curry puffs!!

Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I love eating this.....but please take note...I only love them if Mom makes them or if my Maksu makes them.....or I make them myself hahahaha.......and today, my Mom made it and I helped her with the frying. I'm good at that.....be it frying chicken, banana fritters or whatever.....I'm just good at controlling the fire at the stove and knowing how to adjust it accordingly. I know that sounds silly to chefs or cooks who are such an expert in cooking to hear me say that.....but believe you me, that kind of skill takes years and years of practice hahahaha!!! LOL! Gosh, I crack myself up sometimes!

I donno....it's not that others can't make it delicious enough for me to eat.....but sometimes the recipe in the dough that makes all the difference. And I also think it has something to do with the filling. My Mom makes it Indian style...very spicy curry potato filling.....I love it.....we can eat it with bread too if we are too lazy to make these curry puffs....

I know it's not normal.....but I'm having these for lunch today.........BLISS!!!!
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