Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full moon!

After my morning prayers I looked out my bedroom window and I saw a full moon in the sky! Wow! So pretty! I just had to shoot some photos of it before the clouds blocks it. These photos were taken around 6.40am this morning. I quickly ran to get my digital camera and headed outside to the front of the house and started shooting. It was so difficult to get a good photograph of it. I'm not using a DSLR....and probably because it was so dark, the camera starting vibrating.....not enough light I some of the photos were shaky and some were ok.....those above are the ones that are good enough to share here....they are quite clear. 

Right after shooting, I had some Jacob's wholewheat crackers and a cup of Anlene chocolate and then accompanied my Mom to visit my aunt's house that is still under renovation.  She bought a house just a few meters away from our house. Everything looks good so far. I just can't wait for the renovations to be completed so that she can move back to Alor Setar next month. She is pretty excited herself. 

After touring the house I quickly jumped on my bicycle and headed towards the park for my morning workout. Gosh....I'm getting sick and tired of the people who bothers me at my cycling track.....hmmmm...looks like I can't keep cycling at the same track everyday now.....need to find other cycling tracks that might work for me....or just making it not so routine so that they wouldn't know what time I'll be there and where I will be exactly each morning.....just to be on the safe side I guess. Need to be safe since I'm working out alone. Better be safe than sorry right? :I
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Grace to You said...

These pictures are exquisite! Your home (outdoor spaces, plants, etc) is so gorgeous.

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Sandi....I love it here too...the garden makes me happy hehehe....