Thursday, April 8, 2010


What can I is a mix of a lot of good things coming my way.....since morning....till right about now. :) Oh.... I had a really great workout this morning.....I've missed it for 2 days of doing my brisk walking and cycling....but I haven't missed doing my ab workout at home. I try not to miss that. Love doing that lately because I do see a difference when I do it....that's the best part :). It just feels good being able to do it regularly. I'm really enjoying the brisk walking in the is an amazing feeling. I feel good that since I am staying so near to the park, I don't have to drive there......I just cycle....thus I'm helping the environment in a way. And I think everyone who lives nearby should do the same. I've seen family who all cycle together there.....there are lots of space there to park anyways.....I don't really like the idea of driving there....not environment friendly's not just about protecting the ozone layer....but it's also good for us, because we would do extra workouts by cycling there.

This week has been such a crazy one! work and working like there is no tomorrow. I'm feeling the heat now. I never thought that it would get this big and so much of response from the public regarding my card designs. I sometimes find it hard to cope with the pressure. But I remind myself every time to take it it one at a time....stay calm....just relax and carry on doing it the best that I can. When it gets out of control....that's when I have to miss the morning workouts.....because time is so flies so fast....and I only have two hands to work assistant whatsoever. And furthermore.....I work really meticulous in fact. So careful.....trying to make it perfect every time, because the truth is I really want my customer to be happy with my work. That is my main thing.....for them to feel happy and make their money worth every penny for the cards they ordered from me. I don't ever want them to feel disappointed.....that would really make me so sad. :(

I'm determined though to make it all work......exercise and work must be balanced out. I don't want to miss it at all if possible. :) Well.....we'll see how it goes!

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