Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Congrats Redmummy.com!!!

I read in the Harian Metro online news today about this blogger Red Mummy.com who makes RM10,000 a month through advertisements alone! Wow! I've heard of stories like this before and am inspired to do the same....am pretty much motivated whenever I read stories like this hehehe.....Of course everyone wants it...who doesn't.....but it does takes a lot of work to achieve it....a lot of time need to be spent online to write a blog post. And according to this pretty young lady, she writes about 10 posts a day! Wow! That's a lot to write to generate the traffic to your blog!  But come to think of it, I think it's a good investment. I really do need the money to help me with my business. Just a click at the Nuffnang advertisements can really help me a lot. It sure has helped this lady a lot I must say! hehehe!

Ok, let me put it this way, we all spent a lot of time online doing other things sometimes that are not really contributing much to us other than personal satisfaction. For example like myself, I think I spend too much time surfing the Youtube......searching and listening to songs sometimes for hours and hours.....of course the one thing I get from it is, I feel so happy for a few hours, that's it! But other than that, I don't get anything else. Another thing is Facebook....I spend a lot of my time there too hehehehe......So, I really need to organize my time properly if I really want to make this work. I have to set aside some time, allocate some time for blogging.....and make it regular. I must admit I've only been regular this past few days.....before that I haven't been blogging that much here. And I have 2 other blogs that are not active at all for the past few months! Yikes! The only ones that are active are my card blog and my personal blog. Sigh.......

I have the vision.....I am inspired.....I have made the effort.....but need to really implement what I say.....and really do well at it. I feel embarrassed that for someone like me who is not married....have no husband and kids to take care of, I still can't manage to blog as much as that lady. She must be really a superwoman man!! hahahaha! I don't know how she manage to pull it off, but I sure wish I could do it like her. LOL! Wish me luck people!!! :)
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