Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calmness in today's chaos!

What can I was one of those days when I almost lost it.....almost lost my calm but I'm glad I didn't. Surprisingly sometimes I am so calm when facing days like this.....other times I just loose it. But today's chaos was made worse by my Mom's uncontrollable anger as well. I can't blame her because people do tend to do stupid things to her and as a result causes a lot of anger that's waiting to be burst! And sure enough it did burst least 5 times! Times like this I usually make stupid silly jokes to calm her nerves.....but, unfortunately it didn't work! LOL! I do think that her anger is a influenced by the heat as well....the hot weather makes us feel easily agitated and restless and we just wanna say arrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!! sometimes! hahahah!

I had an important delivery to make today and I was running late.....I was so worried....very very worried....but surprisingly I was so calm.....thank God for that....I can't imagine if I went all panicky....I would surely find it difficult to get the work done if I was. So I managed to do it all just in the nick of about luck man!!! It was crazy! I never thought that I was going to make it.....and when it did, gosh.....the feeling is like a ton of bricks just fell of my shoulders. I must remember not to do this to myself again. I really thought I was able to do this order in time....I thought I had the I said yes to this order and then padan muka aku!!!! LOL! Why oh why do I do this to myself???? Well, perhaps because I need the money?? Duhhhhhh....of course laaa......but come to think of's not worth  doing it if  just for the sake of money if  I ruin my reputation by not being able to get the orders done on time right? So, I must be aware of that always. Must never hurt people's feelings.....especially customers who believe and trust that you will get their orders done within the specified time.

Lunch came to me quite late......I had it at that time I was so famished that I ate like there's no tomorrow hahahaha.......well, to be exact I only had a burger.....but that burger was so big and it had lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes too was also wrapped in 2 layers of egg omelet! My Mom told me that she used 3 eggs to make those 2 layers of omelet! Acckkkkk! I thought it was only one piece......but since the two omelets were stuck together so I didn't realize it was two pieces of Mom was so mad because one piece was for me and the other piece was meant for her! LOL! Gosh.....since I ate 3 eggs today, that means, no eggs for me for the next 2 weeks! I've never had so many at any one time before......the most would be only I broke the record today hahaha....
I have another card to be done by tomorrow and I haven't even started doing it.......gosh....I'm so tired....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......I just wanna listen to the golden oldies and relax tonight.....perhaps do some sketches a bit for the card design later.....and do the rest of the work tomorrow......can't wait to do my workout tomorrow morning.....I missed it this morning because of the emergency today. happens sometimes...... :I
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mangosteenskin said...

feeling and "ouch" reading this post. Hihihiihi... well, i guess my reputation already tercalar coz dah beberapa kali gagal penuhi permintaan pelanggan on time.

ya the hot weather, lin. It can suck up all our energy and good mood.

Azlina Abdul said...

hehehehe!Well Mango....I pun dah pernah gagal memenuhi permintaan pelanggan happens sometimes...cannot help it, especially when we work assistant...memang susah. But I sure have learned my lesson...

Ya la Mango....the hot weather can make me go crazy sometimes....restless yg amat! All the good mood hilang and letih selalu...I tend to drink a lot of ice water as well...selalu teringin nak makan ice kacang la, lin chi kang cream laa....segala benda yg sejuk dan's not helping my diet at all! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Lin.

Weather affects me too. I live in Michigan in the USA where we have snow in the winter. It gets very cold. Sometimes the spring is very cold and it does not really warm up until June. This year we have a warm spring.

I am always hungry too when it is cold. I also crave lots of hot tea with lemon. And soup of any kind is my favorite food when it is cold.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your cards and your blog. You are a very creative person - gifted really. And you put some much time and love into every card that you make. You are a very special person.

Take care,

Azlina Abdul said...

Hello Barb,
Thank you so much for visiting my blogs and leaving here such a lovely comment. Bless you! soup and hot tea with lemon sounds yummy to take during the cold weather. I can't imagine myself staying at a place so cold. Here in Malaysia it is so warm and can get pretty hot too. If I were to stay in Michigan I'll bet I'll be eating a lot! Coz the cold weather makes me hungry all the time. LOL!! I'm sure it's so pretty there during the warm spring :)

Thank you so much for admiring my artwork/handmade cards. Yes, the cards are my life...can't live without them hehehe....I'm so touched by your sweet comments about makes all the hard work I've done so far worth the while and all the frustrations in my life disappear. May God bless you always!