Monday, April 19, 2010

Purple lotus flower....

Aren't they just beautiful??!!! I wonder if any of you remember that I used to blog about this purple lotus flower before. But at that time the plant was only a small one and it was in a smaller water pot.  Now....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! It's been transferred into a much larger container that can fit in so many pots in it. My Mom, who is the genius in gardening was the one who did this with the help of Rose, our weekly Indonesian maid hehehe......I would have helped if I had some free time....hehehe....I love gardening too.... :) It's such a satisfying hobby....especially when the trees that you planted grow big and nice and looks so healthy. Just looking at them can give you such simple pleasures.

My Mom would love to have a pond at our house but it's way to expensive to make one and it's super high maintenance was the reason why we don't have one at our home. I mean, we both love watching  a lot of  fish swim in the water......but we prefer them to be in a bigger space. So far, we've been keeping them in the aquarium and also in smaller water pots. I really got a shock when one day she bought this large water container so that she can plant the lotus flower in it and have some fish included in it too. 

But you know what???? My Mom did put in quite a lot of small fish in it so that we can prevent mosquitoes breeding in it, unfortunately every time my Mom does so, we would find out the next day that all of the fish are gone! Where did they go??? Well, apparently, something came by and ate them all up!!! Darn it!! Until now, it still remains a mystery.......we still have not caught the culprit! I wonder if it was a cat or a small fox. I guess we will never know unless we have a video camera fixed at the place or stay up all night peeping by the window waiting for the culprit to appear hahahaha...... :D

So Mom put teeny weeny guppies in it......which is something that the culprit will find so hard to catch! hehehe! We tested for a few days to see if the guppies are still there......and sure enough, they are still alive and swimming happily in it. Looks like the plan worked! Well, for me.....I don't mind whatever fish she puts in it, as long as I can see fish swimming in it.....that's enough to make me feel giddy inside! ;)
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Grace to You said...

I love this water garden!

Azlina Abdul said...

Me too! It's a must for me to look at it in the afternoons...that's the time when the flowers are in full bloom! :)

vijay kumar said...

Wonderful yaar .: I love it