Friday, April 9, 2010

Beautiful morning.....

What a beautiful morning! I was out at the park this morning for my daily workout as usual.......did 3 rounds today of brisk walking around the park, it was great! Then I cycled for another 4 rounds at the cycling track where I usually go to for my rides. I noticed that after doing the brisk walking, I find it easier for me to speed on my bike. It sort of gives me more energy to speed.....weird....because before this, I usually just do some light stretching at home before cycling for 5 rounds at the cycling track....and I find it not as easy to speed if I just cycled and not brisk walk. I guess what the brisk walking does is warming up my body, making it a lot easier for me to do other exercises without feeling so stressed doing so. It's funny how it works out that way. I'm glad I decided to do it because now I find cycling a lot more fun and can speed more and ride more rounds too just by warming up the body to a certain level. :) 

The weather this morning is just beautiful! The hot sun was hidden by those big it was a breeze for me when I did my rides. I was able to do more since it was not hot at all. If only it was like that every morning. Wouldn't that be wonderful! hihihihi.......I know I need to go out a lot earlier.....thus avoiding that big ray of light hitting my fragile eyes hihihihi :)

I also did my ab workout at home after that. I'm so glad that we didn't give away that AB Shaper machine that my Mom bought for us years ago. That machine is quite good for working on the abs. I know this because I used to use it long time ago when I was going through a detox plan way back then. I was using it regularly and it does work wonderfully for the abs. I was doing so well until I left Alor Setar to work in KL.....that's when my body started to gain back all the fat again. Darn it! LOL!

Whatever it is.....I hope I can have a lot more variety of exercising routines as I go along. I'm interested in participating  with the dancing group at the park.....that looks a like a lot of fun! I'm also thinking of playing badminton, and I already found someone to play with me hihihihi.....gosh, it's been quite a long time since I last played badminton......I have my skipping rope but till now have not used it. :P Will add in all those as I go along......the more the variety, the more interesting, so the less chances of me losing the interest of exercising. I just don't want it to be boring, doing the same thing, day in day out.....there has got to be something that will spark the interest more. A little spark here and there is harm right? As long as I don't quit.......must never quit! :)
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