Friday, April 16, 2010

Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia is out??!!!! Oh GOD!!! He was eliminated along with Katie Stevens on American Idol yesterday.....huhuhuhuhu why why why?????? I feel so sad about that because I really adore his voice. I must say, he has a unique voice and sounds beautiful compared to the other contestants. I really feel that he deserves to stay on till the finals.

But what can I do.....I can only hope that someday he will have the opportunity to make his own record. I would love to hear his voice on the radio. I wouldn't mind buying his CD too hehehehe... :) Looks like  from now onwards, American Idol will never be the same again without him around to entertain us. But I'm still hopeful that my other American Idol favorite which is Siobhan Magnus will make it to the finals! Love her. She looks commercial....has a beautiful voice and has good showmanship too. I've always love watching her perform. She has that package. Oh well.....we will just have to wait and see what happens next! 

There are quite a few songs that I love from Andrew.....but this two are currently my fave! Have a listen!


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