Sunday, April 18, 2010

Agar-agar sirap merah + susu pekat manis!!!!

Yummyyyyyyyyy!!!! Ok, I know I'm not allowed to eat this during my dieting period but because of the hot weather, I couldn't resist myself from taking one of this cold agar-agar sirap merah with this sweetened condensed milk! One of this is enough to satisfy my cravings hehehehe!

My Mom made lots of this agar-agar sirap merah and keep them in the fridge to cool. It is believed that the agar-agar can help cool our body during the hot weather. Eating it alone is good enough but when you add the sweetened condensed just adds a touch of yumminess!!! hahaha! See? I'm so happy already this afternoon! All that was needed to do was to have this cheap dessert and I'm all better! LOL! No worries! ;)

Agar-agar sirap merah + susu pekat manis!!!!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


mangosteenskin said...

i hate u lin, coz everytime i came here the agar2 never fail to make me tergiur. hehe.

Azlina Abdul said...

hahahahahah!!! ye ke Mango??? It makes me terliur as well!! LOL!

Grace to You said...

sugar makes me happy too :)

Azlina Abdul said...

LOL! Me too!