Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3/4 of the day gone!

3/4 of the day gone just like that! And what have I done so far....? As far as work is concerned? Nothing...absolutely nothing!!! Coz since morning I was busy with workouts.....then I went out with my Mom to the hospital....she had to go and get her monthly medicine for her high blood pressure.....then we headed to the post office, paid the bills and posted the prizes I packed for the 4 lucky winners of my blog giveaway and then we headed to the electronics shop to help my Mom look for the electronic appliances for my aunt's new home. We were there for such a long long time!!! I was feeling so guilty coz there is a lot of work to be done today at home and there I was at that shop looking for washing machine, fridge, fans, ovens and what not.....discussing and bargaining the prices.....gosh, how boring and so unproductive for me.....but, I did learn a thing or two about how to buy and what's best to look for when it comes to buying these stuff for the house. 

Then  we headed for my favourite stationary store to get my art supplies......and after that we had to make a stop at the food stall to get our lunch, coz we didn't have time to cook our lunch, so we were forced to buy instead......we were starving by then and also dehydrated because of the hot weather outside. The heat is getting worse and worse each day......thank God for the rain in the evening.....it helps a little to lower the temperature. I try to drink as much water as I can each day to make sure I'm well hydrated.

When we reached home......had lunch.....prayed, then I went straight to my room to start working.....checked my emails and saw that I have so many emails to reply.......so tired of replying honestly.....I need help in that area......anybody interested to help??? hehehhe! Seriously, I sometimes wish I can do work and think of how to solve problems faster than the speeding bullet! I'm so slow and yet there are tons of work to be done.....so how???? die la die!!! I know I'm going to be upsetting a lot of people due to my slowness....hahahha.....but what can I do, I only have two hands......huhuhuhuhu......and one super slow brain....huhuhuhu.....no no no no no!!! I mustn't say that....it's so negative.....must always say nice things about my brain....hehehehehe......God willing, I'll be able to work smarter and faster soon......please pray for my health......it's not doing so good lately.....I need it to earn a living..... :I
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