Friday, January 30, 2009

More CNY decorations.......

Photos taken at the Sogo department store.....decorations of the Chinese New Year celebration.....I love the deco.....the lamps are a bit different from the usual round ones I've seen before.....and the flowers are so pretty too. :) Don't you just love celebrations? All these beautiful decorations just keeps me in a good mood hehehe
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lion dance at the Pavillion

I was at the Pavillion today.........was surprised to see that there was a lion dance performance there at the entrance! So nice! I love watching the lion dance.....very exciting hehehe! Too bad I couldn't stay to watch the whole show as I had to go somewhere else after in a hurry I took some photos of it with my trusted handphone camera........not that clear but good enough laa hehehe..... :)
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

KLPAC Open Day 09

Heading to the KLPAC Open Day 09!

The old buildings here are so beautiful! Love them.... :)

A KLPAC virgin no more! hehehe!

Love the landscape sculpture pong balls I think :)

Cool graphics here

This artwork is funny......."a banana a day keeps the shit away".....that's what it says at their sign board hehehehe!

Plastic straws......imagine that! Hanging from the ceiling.....what an artwork! Doesn't it look so pretty???

KL Children's Choir.......So cute.....such lovely little voices...

Young KL Singers......Very entertaining.....performing a few popular songs.....harmonious and they make you feel like dancing :)
Salsa dance by Darlene and Amar........fantastic!!! Love them! The crowd just couldn't get enough of them!

KLPAC Sinfionetta......their version of the James Bond theme song was superb!

Julian Mokhtar and Nan!!!

Bijou Bazaar - flea market

Not sure of their names but their songs were good.....easy listening... :)

I love the airy hehehehe!

This Koi fish is major big!!! I wonder how old it is.....and how much it costs!!! Must cost a fortune!

Albino Koi fish???

Aren't the ducks major cute??? hehehe
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rojak Bellamy

One fine day, I headed towards the Rojak stall at Jalan Bellamy.....dup dap dup dap.....I can't wait to taste it!!!

This is where the famous Rojak Bellamy is at! Located at the side of the building of Kedai Serbanika Pernama Perdana, very close by to the Alice Smith School, at Jalan Bellamy.........the stall opens at 7am till 3pm on Sunday....but will open until 6pm on other days if I am not mistaken hehehe....

It says here on one of these posters that Rojak Bellamy used to be a special dish served at the palace! Wow!

Definitely served fast and tasty too!! Yummy!

Cheap huh?? Only RM2.80 for a plate of the delicious Rojak Bellamy :)

This is Mamak Fried yummy...not too spicy and the spices are just right! A must try! :) There are fried fritters in it, eggs too....and the noodles of meat in some places they would add some beef in it....but it doesn't seem to matter as this fried noodle taste great even without it!

I decided to order the Mee Rojak Bellamy instead of the plain Rojak Bellamy....gosh! The peanut sauce is so super delicious! The sauce is thick and creamy and a bit dark in color....Very smooth! It's different from the one I had at the Capital Cafe.....this one is a little spicy but not too spicy and not too sweet either, plus it has an authentic Indian taste to it...very classic. It reminds me of the Rojak I used to eat when I was younger back in Alor Setar.....when people made the Rojak sauce the way it suppose to be and are not stingy with the ingredients! hehehe!

See what's inside it!! The yellow noodles mixed with sliced cucumbers, fried fritters, sweet turnips, hard boiled eggs, chilli squid, soft fried tofu and boiled potatoes.......YUM-O!!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Restorant Rasyid

If you ever want to eat really nice + yummy tosei and roti canai anywhere nearby Ampang area.........this is the place to get them! They make the tosei just the way I like it! It's big, crispy, super tasty and not too sour. It's situated nearby Ampang Point supermarket and also opposite the De Palma Hotel.

The gravy that they serve with the tosei has everything that I love..... the coconut chutney, the chicken dhall and also the fish curry are so yummy! :)
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Celery + carrot + tomato pasta

Lately, all I love to cook at home is this pasta dish. Consisting of celery, carrot and tomato as the sauce I mix with the small shell pasta or cocciolini rigati (that's what's stated on the package!hehehe). This pasta dish is for the lazy cooks like me who sometimes just don't have the time to cook even though I am working from home hehehe! I used to make pasta sauce that consists of tomatoes only............or just celery and carrots........but never combined all the three ingredients I thought why not give it a try.....and this is the result!

It only takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get it done.....if I move faster maybe it will take less time :P. But since I move pretty slow like a sloth sometimes especially when I'm so I don't think it will take any less time than that! Ha!

All that you need to prepare is the chopped garlic and onions....then saute' it on the non stick pan....adding some coarse black pepper and a little salt over it. Occasionally sauteing it over a period of 5 minutes.....then add in one coarsely chopped tomato.....then I would add in some water, about a cup. After that, I would add in one coarsely chopped carrot and a few stalks of thinly sliced celery into it.........add in some more salt at this point....make sure not to put in too much otherwise it will be too salty! Then I would stir the mix occasionally until it starts to boil........I don't like my vegies to be too soft and mushy.....I like them crunchy. :)

So when the pasta has been boiled al can add them into the vegetable sauce....stir until they mix well with the sauce. And it's ready to eat! :) Easy right? hehehe........
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Q Bistro

Went to this new Nasi Kandar restaurant nearby my house today called Q Bistro, to try out their tosei and roti not, I repeat, do not eat them!!!! Why you ask??? Because they tasted sooooooooooo lousy!!! So lousy that I had to take sweets after that to kill off the after taste of the lousy tosei and roti canai! Urrrgggghhhh!! The only reason why I ate the roti canai was because I was still hungry....why?? Because the tosei was so small.....and not even crispy! Plus because I thought perhaps if I ate the roti canai, it will help me forget how awful the tosei tasted.....but instead, it made it worse......oh God! Why oh why did they even make those in the first place....???!!!

I feel so sad when people don't take pride in what they do these days........the only thing they think about is how much money they can make from their customers.....they never think about quality.....shame on them! That's why they can open up so many other branches all over town like those people at the restaurant I went to.......they have opened up so many nasi kandar restaurant using different names nearby my's the under the same management! They really make money from us..... Even though the names of the shops are different, the interior of the shops are different.....but the taste of the their food is the same.....LOUSY! And yet people still go there, because they don't have much choice.....

I've tried their nasi goreng ayam was "so so".....edible laaaa..........but I didn't want to pass judgement right away and boikot everything else in the menu just because I thought that the nasi goreng ayam was "so so" jer......that's why I tried the tosei.......and I ended up feeling so disappointed......

People go and eat at restaurants or coffee shops not just because they are hungry......but sometimes because they are looking for something better to eat from what they can get at home......if they can cook like the pros....they wouldn't go and eat outside food.....they would have eaten at home instead..... :-<
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Handmade soap

I bought this really lovely handmade soap when I visited the Creative Mafia Bazaar yesterday in PWTC...ain't the packaging simply adorable??? They placed the soap in this beautiful handmade pouch ...... Love the business card too! So pretty! :)

These are the examples of the different types of handmade soap....

Photos of how it was produced....all handmade with extra care....

The soap I bought is so fragrant! It can be used for the whole body and including for shampooing your hair.

For more details about this wonderful handmade soap, go to this website and check it out!

And for those who can understand the Chinese language....please check out this website about the Yuan Soap

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Friday, January 9, 2009

A visit to the Youth 09 Lifestyle Festival

I went to visit the Malaysia's Youth 09 Lifestyle Festival my pass online and headed towards the registration center in PWTC to get my free goodies (yang entah apa2 ntah tu) :P, got my left hand stamped with the Youth 09 logo and then I headed towards the was a long walk people.......a looooooooooooong walk! :P I think I lost 5 grams! hehehehe!There were different sections of where the activities were the bazaar was divided too.....some were placed nearby the entrance and some were placed way up in the sky hehehehe.......upstairs, I mean hehehe..... :D

Here are a couple of photos I took of the bazaar, held upstairs......loads of creative minds here.....selling their creative handmade artwork, be it greeting cards, jewelry, clothes, cupcakes, shoes etc etc etc.....the lists goes on and on.....

I managed to catch some bands playing......some were awesome....and some were......uuuuuhhhh....I shall reserve those comments to myself hehehehe.........

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My happy song

Everytime I'm feeling down and blue......this is what I listen to or sing to make myself feel good :) It works every time! LOL! :D I knew this song since I was very young.....and I know it so well that I've even memorized it by heart's a song by B.J his voice a lot! :)

You can view his video clip on's an old one and it's so funny and never fail to make me smile every time!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

So I just did me some talkin' to the sun
And I said I didn't like the way he got things done
Sleepin' on the job
Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

But there's one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me

It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pop up flowers

Today I tried to fulfill my promise that I made to myself in my 2009 new year resolutions. With the huge motivation from my friend Michael and a few others who have motivated and inspired me to do more than just popping up lips in my handmade cards, I decided to leave my fears and give it a try.....I followed the instructions given and watched the online tutorial video over and over again till my head got dizzy hehehe.....

The first one I did was a pop up lotus was the easiest pop up flower project that I found. Although it was supposed to be easy, I still felt like my brains was too slow to follow the demonstration. After a few times watching it, I gave it a try and walla!!!! I did it!!! I couldn't believe how easy it was!!! And after that, I was hungry for more! I got so excited and told myself, why not do that beautiful 7 pop up flowers???!!!! And so I watched the video......and played it again and again and again and again until my eyes was watery and the blood viens starts popping out hehehehe......

The guy in the video was such an expert! He did it in just minutes!! I had to take one full hour to do it!!! Gosh!!! But once I understood the suddenly became so easy! Amazing!! All this time I thought it was so hard to do and now I know how easy it can be.....I should have given it a try years ago.....but then again, I guess I am lucky because I could watch how it was done on video as it is much easier to understand that way rather than just learning it from a book. Slow people like me need video demonstrations hahahaha...... :P

This is the paper that has been cut and joined together before pasting it in the card for popping.

This is how it looks after's the top view of the lotus flower

The lotus flower!!! You could only see it looking like a lotus flower from the side view.

This is the 7 pop up flowers I made.....I added the small red flowers inside to make it look prettier....hehehe.....It was so hard to try and take a picture of this one!! I had to position it properly to make sure all the flowers can be seen. I plan on adding more decorations in there soon! Can't wait to get it all done! :)
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