Friday, July 3, 2015

Time for a U-turn

A manual juicer? Well, that is just part of the journey to a healthier me which started when I learned about how to get healthy by getting more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I saw a lot of videos on YouTube on how other people managed to heal themselves by eating a lot of raw food. Most of them are doing it all the way. One hundred percent on raw food and of course that means they are also 100% vegan. But in my opinion, by incorporating at least 50% of your diet with fruits and vegetables is actually more balanced. I can't imagine myself not eating any fish at all. I love fish and fish is good for me! Haha! I can never be 100% vegan.

Actually, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is not something new for me. It's not like I've never heard of this before. In fact, way back in the year 2000, I already tried it and yes, it worked! I guarantee it! Except, way back then, I had limited knowledge on how to apply it or how to make it more interesting for me to stay on it forever. I only managed to stay on the diet for about 4-6 months and then I went back to my usual bad eating habits and got sick again.

I learned about it from a book my sister gave me called Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management. It was a book written by Dr. Jorgen Bernard Jensen. From that book, I learned a lot about how our bowel works, how a dirty bowel can affect our health and how important it is to keep it clean. I also learned about what are the type of food we should be eating to help with healing our diseases. If only we be kind to our body and help it by eating the right kind of food, then we would be in less trouble.

There is also another thing I found out. Each of us, should be eating according to our blood type. Seriously, I swear by this. No matter how much I try to deny it, I can't because of how true it is. There is a book written about it by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, called Eat Right For Your Type. I don't own the book yet but I have read a lot about it via online at his website. So from there, I was able to find out what are the type of foods that would be highly beneficial or neutral or harmful for me. 

So after finding out what are the type of foods that would benefit me, I was able to make a u-turn and go to a path that would help me heal. But I have to say that even with all the information, I did have a difficult time making that u-turn. Because it would mean that I would have to permanently leave behind all the food that I enjoyed eating all these years. Even though they made me sick. I was a little demotivated at first because I felt that I was in this alone. I had no one to go through this journey with. It would be nice to have someone going through it together with you. But, my feelings changed after that thanks to the community I found online who shared the same issues as I did and are going through the same diet as I am. It was wonderful as they totally understood how tough it is to go through what we go through everyday and we support each other. So I am totally OK with it now and I can finally see how I can continue doing it forever. Making it my way of life so to speak.

Changing my diet alone is not enough. I also need to exercise. But I have limited ability to do so plus limited time. However I have found a solution for myself and it works for me. So everyday I do my best to cycle, or do simple workouts at home which I've learned from various YouTube channels. There are so many types of work outs for people who are ill and are not able to do heavy work outs. The important thing is to find out what works the best for you. I was really surprised to find out that there are so many types of work outs for ill people. So basically, I have no excuse for not working out! It's a must when making this u-turn.

So, the point can heal can also kill you. It can make you can also make you sad. Make the right choice. For you and your family. Be active, be positive, be sociable, be humble, be kind to yourself and others. Be more giving. Stay away from people who upsets you, forgive them and move on. If we don't tackle our emotional issues, then we are bound to go back feeling sick again. It does affect our health. No matter how much good food we eat, or how much we exercise, but if we don't settle with our emotional issues, we are doomed.

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