Friday, July 10, 2015

The end of food cravings

For as long as I remember, I have always been a big eater. I'm quite famous for that in my family (sad to say). Since small, I had been the one who always seems to be hungry all the time. I had no idea why. I was never obese back then because I was always active as a child. I'm not obese now either. But I have big bones. And I am tall. Therefore, I can't afford to be obese because if I was, then I'll look like a GIANT.

Having said that, I am however overweight now. Not fat, just overweight. HAHAHAHA!! (In denial). Anyways, I have always tried to lose the fat and I have always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle over the years. But it has always been tough doing so. I was always in and out of it. I had problems staying in for a long period of time due to my constant cravings for fattening foods. If only I had cravings for healthy types of food. Like for instance having cravings for CELERY....bwahahahahahah!!! Then I'll never have problems with my weight. I WISH!!

The thing is, I never thought I could EVER stop the cravings....EVER!!! Until now. It feels weird not having cravings at all. Seriously. It is as if, my body is satisfied with what I've been feeding it with and therefore, it's not itching for anything else. This is NEW for me. I just couldn't figure out as to why this is happening to me. Until one day I saw a video over on YouTube and there was this girl talking about how taking smoothies has curbed all her food cravings and then it HIT me! Wow! Smoothies stopped her from craving all the sweet stuff and all the food that she had trouble staying away from. That sounded just like me!

So all this time it was the clean eating.....the juices....the smoothies.....but I believe it is more because of the smoothies. This is because, the smoothies had more ingredients in it that kept me full for longer period of time compared to the juices. I really noticed how much taking smoothies has affected me now compared to when I was only taking juices. I was taking juices for a few months but I still had the cravings and it was really bad. 

I'm glad now I can walk in the supermarket and not feel any fear whenever I see the chocolate aisle or feel any itch to buy cream puffs at the bread aisle. So this really helps when I am trying to develop a clean and healthy lifestyle. Because I can't be getting well if I can't control my cravings. It will be a very difficult process to try to be healthy for a few hours and then binge for the rest of the day. Imagine doing all the exercise and not getting any results because of the binging. It just won't work. 

I have a lot of issues to deal with when it comes to health because honestly for me it's not just about losing the weight. It's about feeling good about myself, feeling healthy as I have always been feeling so sick for so many years. It's about controlling my allergies too. God knows how much I have suffered because of the allergies. I almost gave up on it. I just didn't know how else to stop it. 

I've met so many people here who have suffered from allergies just like me. Some even suffered worse than me and have completely given up hope. These people just wanted to die. I know how they feel. I know how much it hurts. I've been there. And I don't blame them for feeling the way they do. It's really tough. They have been feeding on the wrong food all their lives. Food that harms them.....not food that heals. Just like me, they didn't know. No one educated them on it and they didn't know where to seek help. Doctors don't know everything! I myself took so many years to finally find a solution that worked for me. Each person heals differently. It's so subjective. I hope I can help them heal some how. But they need to believe. Without the believe, the healing journey can never begin.

I am just grateful for all the knowledge that I have now about health and how it has affected me and my health in general. Even though I have much to learn about it. I am learning everyday. At least now I have one less problem to deal with when trying to be healthy again. And that means a LOT to me.

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Grace to You said...

Wow, Lin - I can hardly believe there is something that would stop my cravings for sweets.

I've never been tempted to try making smoothies because it didn't seem like they would taste good and I thought the texture would be too thick. I can't remember if you've mentioned them tasting good - do you think they do? Could you share a recipe you like? And do you not think they're too thick?

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Sandi!
I'll write more on how I make my smoothies soon. I'll share some of my recipes. Yes, they are a bit thick compared to juices but if you use a good high powered blender, then it wouldn't be a problem as they would be like a very smooth liquid. If you don't like it thick, just add more liquid. The taste is delicious! I love the taste of all the smoothies I've made so far. :)