Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Green juice

When it comes to making green juices, I'd like to keep it simple. When I first started making green juices, the juices I made had 4-5 ingredients in them, with all the different types of vegetables, fruits and herbs . But now, the ingredients are less. Just celery and green apples. That's the most basic ingredients in my green juice.

I LOVE celery. I love them cooked and I even love them raw.  Celery are low in calories....there are only about 10 calories in each stalk. This will help a lot for weight watchers. It's also a stress reliever because the minerals in celery such as magnesium and the essential oils soothes the nervous system and helps us sleep better especially if we were to take them in the evenings.

Celery also regulates the alkaline in our body and protects our body from acidity. This is good as we need to keep those two in balance. It reduces inflammation too. So if someone was suffering from asthma,  joint pains, lung infections or acne....taking celery will bring much relief.

The high water content in celery will aid in digestion. The insoluble fiber makes it easy for eliminating stools. SO if there is a constipation issue, taking celery is the way to GO! haha! This fact might be a shock to some. Celery contains good salts.....it contains sodium, but not the same as table salt. It's natural, organic and essential for our health. It is also known to combat cancer, lowers the blood pressure and many more.

As for green apples.....hmmm, what are the benefits of taking them? Well, for starters, they have more health benefits compared to the red one! Oh yeah! The green ones are high in fiber and help keep the digestive track clean and healthy. Thus reduces the possibility to get colon cancer.

It gives our stomach the sense of satisfaction after eating them, which means we would feel full and not having the need to eat more. It also does not have any bad cholesterol in it. And since it has a very high fiber content, inevitably these high fibers can help reduce the cholesterol that are already present in our body. It reduces liver problems and prevents gout too. It contains antioxidants thus prevents cancer and DNA damage. These green apples also controls our appetite and gives us a lot of energy too. It contains carbohydrates which are good for athletes or people who are always on the move.

Besides from all the great benefits of the celery and apple, I just LOVE the taste of the two of them when combined. The juice has a sweet and sour taste to it and it's refreshing too. I would juice the whole celery stalk each time and would add about 4 green apples to juice along with it and it always turns out tasting amazing. It's definitely my all time favourite juice to make :).

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