Friday, July 19, 2013

The cute culprits!

I took a video of the Yellow-vented Bulbul birds just the other day.......I was inside the house standing right by the window when taking the video. Those birds didn't even notice me standing there.....I was so quiet....never made a sound......while they happily ate the flowers of the bean tree.

They've been eating the flowers almost every day now. So much so that we could never get the chance to see the beans grow because they've been eating up all the flowers. Poor tree!

But even's always a joy to watch the birds eat....and flying playfully in the garden outside our house. We don't have pet birds but these birds are like pets except that they are free to fly and roam anywhere they like and be free to do what they want. 

I really enjoy watching them. It's the simple joys of life......simple things that makes us happy.....the little things that reminds us of our Creator.....and how wonderful His creations are. :)

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