Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spring cleaning 2.0

January seems to fly by pretty fast. We're coming close to the end of January pretty soon. Been so busy with work, I hardly noticed January that much.

My first spring cleaning started with my studio early this month....(not fully completed....half done) and now, it's the master bedroom where the dust collected in there dates back from January 2012!! I kid you not. I guess one year of dust collecting was enough to break the camel's back. I couldn't take it anymore. Something had to be done today and I'm glad I was able to do it. I couldn't postpone the cleaning anymore. I kept postponing because of my ill health. But now, whether I was 100% ok or not, I didn't care.....because I, the so called "cleanliness freak" was up to my neck already with all the dust!

Sometimes I wish I had a lot of money so that I can afford a maid to clean my rooms at times like this .....someone who can come over once a week at least to clean.....but can't afford it yet huhu......till then, it's all up to me. Actually I'm not the type who likes having a maid around the house at all....but when you don't have the energy to do it yourself, a maid can be pretty handy! Now I truly understand what it feels like for those who are weak or ill or too old to clean their house by themselves. It's not that they don't want to do's just that they have no energy to do so. That's how I energy to do much. So I had to prioritize.....I only spend my energy on things that was most important first.....what can wait....shall wait till I have the energy to do so. Even if it takes a year to get it done :P.

I surprised myself, as I never thought I would let my room be so darn dirty. So dirty that up to a point where when I entered the room, I felt like I was inhaling dust. Hate it! And what a great feeling it was when all the dust were wiped clean and the air suddenly smells different. So clean and fresh. Feels good!

I also had a bit of a laugh while cleaning because I found some old stuff that was kept in the room (that needs to be thrown away!!) some old diaries.. :P.....when I read those diaries, I can't believe that the person who wrote it was me.....gosh I've changed a lot! I'm not that person anymore. Some of the diaries was written during my varsity days.....I can't believe that I actually wrote what I wear each time I go for my classes. I guess it was because I was afraid I would wear the same thing twice for the week. Hahahahahahah!! I didn't have a lot of clothes to change for each day of the month....didn't have much money back then. But I gotta say, those who didn't have much money had the most adventures!!! The things that I would do to survive sometimes can surprise me. Each experience I had during those hard times were the best teachers in my life :).

The worst part of the diary reading activity was when I can't even remember who are those people I mentioned in them!!! Gosh!!! I'm losing some parts of my memory!!! Oh noooooooo!!!! huhuhu....I guess I have to accept the fact.....I seriously need to do something about that....before it gets worse! 

I have kept those diaries with me for so many years.......I think it's high time I shred them to pieces before someone gets their hands on them and read them all......oh gosh, I wouldn't want that to happen! LOL! Too many silly stories and immature thinking in them  :D.

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