Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It is not the end.....

Finally it's all over. YES!!! 3 months was all it took to learn the basics of reading the Quran using the Al-Baghdadi technique. But I still feel that I need to practice more for the next one month before I continue the next level with another 3 months course with the Al-Baghdadi team. 

Felt kinda awkward to say goodbye to the team last night after we finished our class. I miss them already!! :( I guess I didn't want to say goodbye and I simply just didn't know how to do it either.....wish I knew the right thing to say in such situation :(. I am never good at saying goodbyes......I can be such a weirdo sometimes haha.... . After all, we will be seeing each other again in a month's time, insyaAllah.....God willing if all is well, then we will continue our class again after Eidul Fitri. 

I wish we could have taken photos of the whole group to commemorate our 3 months course together. But I knew they wouldn't be comfortable doing so. Too bad coz they are all so shy.... :(. 

I really have to make sure that I practice reading using that technique a lot during the fasting month. One things is for sure.....this is not the end of the lesson....it's only the beginning of a beautiful bond with the Quran ;).

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