Monday, June 11, 2012

The learning continues

Been in and out of the house since morning. I am a driver by day and designer by night ahahaha......something like that today. But I guess I won't be a designer tonight coz tonight I've got my AlBaghdadi class to attend to...and by the time I reach home I would be too dead tired to do anymore work. I can't wait to learn something new tonight. Last week's class was superb. I wonder who will be teaching us tonight.....Ustaz Razali or Ustaz Rais? Hmmm.....I was really hoping that Ustazah Rohaya would be teaching us but I guess she can only teach us when we are in the advanced class later on this year. Looking forward to that :).

I'm really happy with the class as it helps me a lot in improving my reading. I've learned what were the mistakes I've made before and alhamdulillah I've managed to made the corrections now. Better late than never right? I don't want to keep on making the mistakes forever. 

The class is a feel good class coz every time I attend it I will feel good. Seriously it really does makes me feel good. I would be smiling all the way back home every Monday night :).

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