Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lai Chi Kang Kumbang

Do you see what I see? Yup, it's a beetle floating in the red plastic spoon. It's a DEAD beetle.....drowned in the Lai Chi Kang......probably been dead for God knows how long before it ended up in my Lai Chi Kang. The person who made the Lai Chi Kang for me probably thought that by adding a dead beetle in it might add some special flavour to it and thus making it a super creative invention from the restaurant. :P

At first we just wanted to buy the food and eat it at home but I was the one who insisted on eating there because I wanted to eat the Lai Chi Kang at the restaurant. I just prefer to eat it at the place.....just like "ais kacang", it's better to eat it at the place rather than packing it and eating it at home. They are just best served there. Boy was it a huge mistake to order it. >.<

The sickening part was that even though they knew that there was a dead beetle in my Lai Chi Kang, they insisted that it was a "peanut"!!! Can you believe it!!???? They said to my Mom that it's a PEANUT!!! As if my Mom was blind or something. It's so obvious that it's a dead beetle and yet they had the cheek to say it was otherwise. I was just so upset with their attitude towards their customers. They didn't even apologize for what they have done. 

I was introduced to this restaurant by an aunt of mine. It is situated somewhere at Jalan Langgar.....before the Sultanah Bahiyah's famous for their grilled fish. The food there was "so-so" but the place simply stinks's like there is a rubbish truck inside the restaurant. I guess this will be the last time I'm stepping my foot at the restaurant. Too's just too bad........ :(

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