Friday, June 1, 2012


First day of June. 

Been quite a productive day I must say....despite not feeling too good in the morning. I'm still crazy about iris I've been focusing on that now....and I can't seem to stop once I like something, I just keep going. It's something like how it was when I first started quilling. It can be pretty addictive too ....I kid you not. The only thing is, I'm not folding anything since I'm using ribbons instead of paper....hehe....saves me a lot of time! There's still some other craft techniques that I'm interested to try out using ribbons. Gotta give it a go.

I can't stop Pinteresting either. It's like routine now everyday. Must stop by there once a day for inspiration and for mind therapy. Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Blogger, Nuffnang, YouTube and now Pinterest. I wonder what's next.

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