Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eggs in onion rings

This is all because of Pinterest!! Blame it on Pinterest! All the photos of food in there are driving me crazy ahahahahaha! Of course I can't try all the wonderful recipes in there but at least I'm trying something! ahaha! One of it that's super easy to do is how to cook eggs in big onion rings! I saw one photo in Pinterest that caught my looks super easy to do and yummy too. You can have a look at the photo at the link here:

So I gave it a try this morning but it didn't look as nice though......but it did tasted great to me! hehe! I don't like the eggs to be too soft and wobbly, so I fried it on both sides, that's why you see the top part of the eggs looking all fried and crisp on top. ;)

I could also try cooking the eggs in pepper rings too......that would look pretty and less messy because the size of the rings are bigger .........but that's for next time hehehehe ;).

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Grace to You said...

Oh my word, what a fabulous idea! I bought round cookie cutters to do this, but it's such a mess trying to get the egg out of the cutter. I love onions, so this would be perfect!

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Do give it a try Sandi! Would love to see how your eggs in onion rings turn out! ;)