Friday, May 25, 2012

Burung Murai Gila

The name of the birds you see in the video is Burung Murai Gila or Burung Sambar Murai Gila or also known as The Pied Fantail in like a zoologist or something tonight ahahaha......I just found out the name of this bird when I was googling tonight for it's real name.

My Mom (the Science teacher) told me that it's burung murai but I just wanted to be sure of it's real name so I googled for it and to my surprise the name is actually burung murai gila. And I think I know why! LOL! Every time I observed the bird, I've always thought that it was a  little crazy (gila) because of it's behavior. It keeps hopping around with no specific direction and makes such a loud noise like it's in trouble or something even though it's not. Hence the reason why I thought it's crazy.

This type of bird is another one of the many species of birds that hangs out at my Mom's garden.....I've seen them here for years now. They are pretty noisy but I love how their fantail moves up and down when they hop around on the ground. So fancy looking and proud.

I was lucky enough to get a video of the birds this afternoon using my hand phone. The baby bird was calling it's mother to feed it. I watched how the mother flew here and there in the garden searching for food for her baby.......the minute she gets it, immediately she would fly to her baby and feed it. The baby bird would follow her everywhere she goes. It keeps on calling and calling the mother, asking her to feed it.......the baby must be really hungry. I saw the mother catching some small insects and fed the baby.............such sacrifice.......all mothers are amazing indeed...... :)

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