Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Didn't have the time to make a post yesterday.......was so busy. It's already the 29th and I still have a lot of post that's due to write before the month ends huhu.

Had to revise as well for my Quran class yesterday evening.....need to study more each day to be better at it.....the more I study and practice reading the more I'll be good at it, insyaAllah.  I'm so glad that now I'm in a new class. The one before was not as great. Thank God I asked for the change and I'm now happy with the new class. :) 

My holiday is almost over as well....huhuhu......1st of June is drawing closer and closer. How great it would be to extend the holiday hehehe......but no, I can't. I need to earn a living. But I've charted a plan for June so that I'll have more time for myself. More time for studying and for rest. Seriously need to do a good time table that works for me.

First time ever yesterday, I went to the post office and the whole place was experiencing a blackout. There weren't any electricity from 2 o'clock in the afternoon till late in the evening when I arrived there to do some deliveries. So I had to go back home with all the packages. I wonder what happened that caused the blackout. Pity seeing the Poslaju staff working inside the post office in the dark....huhu

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