Wednesday, March 14, 2012

500 Days of Summer

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Love it lots! I've seen it before but never the whole movie....just snippets of it most  of the time. But this time I got the chance to watch the whole movie and it's so brilliant. No wonder so many people love it so much. Whoever made it is brilliant. I love the combination between the two characters......their chemistry and all. They were perfect. 

Plus there's so much to learn from this movie and how I wish that a lot of people out there can learn from it too. This is not a love story but it's a story that teaches us about love. Once we watch this movie, we'll definitely look back on our past relationships and see the connection it has with this story. We'll definitely will be able to tell if what we had before was really true love or was it just an infatuation we had with our "so called partner". Did our partner feel that we were his or her true love?? We'll get our answer once we watch this movie....... and oh also teaches us how to deal with heartbreaks....if we have any. How to get pass it and how to move on with our lives.

Note: I noticed that in a lot of love story movies, their heroin/hero wears a lot of clothes that are blue in colour.....lots of shades of blue.......I often wondered why :).....perhaps there is a symbolic meaning to it....How come they didn't choose red or pink instead.....why blue......It makes me happy though, cause blue is my favourite colour, no matter what shade it long as it's blue ;).

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