Saturday, February 25, 2012

The good mood is back!

I was thinking writing "Nothing - Part 3" just now, coz then I could have a trilogy post or something hahahaha..... but naaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.......I definitely have something to write about for today's post. :)

First of all......I am deeply touched by the support I've gotten from from friends and readers of my blog for all their concerns whenever I suddenly can't write. I'm honestly very surprised. I didn't think it would be such a big of a deal if I wrote anything here or not. Your support and motivation is deeply appreciated. I can't thank everyone enough for this loving guys are just so kind to me ;). Ooohhh....I gotta mention this.....someone did offered to buy me a scooter just to cheer me up, coz I was such in a bad mood the past couple of days........ain't that the sweetest thing? Well, I sure thought it was....for me, it was not the offer, but the thought of it was enough to cheer me up the whole day. ;)

Kinda funny thinking back......I did told myself last year in Facebook how I felt like my life was too simple and I wanted to complicated the hell out of it this year. When I said that , I never knew that my wish would actually come true. is getting more and more complicated. And today I got a mail from the postman that will  make my life even more complicated if I choose to take the challenge. I can't share the info with everyone here just yet. I have to keep it a secret for a couple of weeks before I can share it here. It's going to be a tough decision to make and I pray to Allah that I whatever it will be the best decision for me.

I gotta say.....I had a really good day today. From early morning till evening. Fully packed. I took the day off.....which is quite rare since I work almost 30 days a it was nice to remove myself from my working room and go out and see Alor Setar. As if that was such a GREAT thing to do.....but believe me....I did enjoyed myself today with all the site seeing on my own. My feet hurts so bad right now from all the walking and driving though huhuhuhu. 

It rained so heavily in the afternoon....and I was trapped in the supermarket. I wanted to go home earlier coz I was already tired but couldn't. The car was parked so far away from where I was at......and yes....I forgot to bring the umbrella with me. I didn't want to walk to the car in the rain and get I just window shop some more till there there was nothing left to see. Thank God the rain stopped just in time. Otherwise I don't know how I was going to walk to my car and drive home. I always sound so pathetic and exaggerated don't I?? haha....but....I am telling you the truth here....haha :D. 

I received a wonderful news today that someone from far away is coming over to Malaysia....and better yet, coming to Alor Setar just to see me and learn how to quill from me. It's confirmed! She's coming next month! Yay! I can't wait to meet her! I feel so honoured that someone like her is willing to take so much trouble just to learn how to do quilling....I'll definitely blog about it hihihi! ;)

So many good things happened today......BIG SMILE on my face right now. ;) 

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