Monday, February 27, 2012

Glitterati no more

I'm pretty upset with Nuffnang right now. Just found out that I'm no longer a Glitterati member of Nuffnang and now I'm just an ordinary, non exclusive member and I have no idea why. No clue whatsoever. They didn't notify me why I have been reverted to this status.

I thought that if I get visitors to all my blogs everyday, then there wouldn't be a problem. But perhaps ....(ok, this is just my guess) , perhaps, it's because I don't update on one or two blogs often enough. I am more focused on two blogs and the other two I only update once in every few months or so. So maybe....just mayyyyyybeeeeeeeee......THAT'S the reason. I don't really know. And I also guessed that it's because one of my blogs sometimes have no unique visitors on certain days......only on certain days ok.....not to say that it doesn't have any unique visitors for the whole month. So that's why I think it's unfair for them to do this to me. 

I can't sacrifice the other two blogs by removing them just so that I'll get my Glitterati status again. I worked too hard to create them in the first place and I just can't simply remove them from the list all because of this issue. 

I've already wrote to them and addressed this issue.....hopefully I'll get an answer soon enough and hopefully they'll help me get my Glitterati status back. :( If not, then........LANTAKLAHHHHHH!!!! (Geram giler) hahahahaha. :D 

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diyadeary said...

Kak, Glitter takde kaitan dengan visitor.

To tell you, diya pon ada 1 blog tak sangkut lama tak berupdate lebih setahun, tapi diya masih glitter.

Actually.. Glitter status tu boleh berubah kalau akak ada bubuh iklan dari company lain ie persaingan..

Takpe kak.. Status glitter ni bole berubah tak kira masa.. Sekarang normal, nanti bole jadi glitter balik.. No biggie :)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Tapi Diya....akak takde pun letak iklan dari advertising company SEA seperti yg diaorang nyatakan dalam syarat2 tu.....Adsense jer yg ada...tu pun akak dah keluarkan dari blog baru2 ni. :(

Thanks Diya for your comments...appreciate it very much :).

diyadeary said...

Haaa.. Probably the culptit yang adsense tu.. :D tapi tak pe if dah buang, should be anytime soon akak akan jadi Glitter balik :)