Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crochet video tutorial

It's all about making someone smile. And that someone happens to be a very good friend of mine, CC Peyton. I made this video just for her because she was curious to know how my aunt did the criss cross crochet pattern on the pouch that my aunt made for her last Christmas.

In the beginning I was thinking of scanning the pattern from the crochet book but since my aunt made some changes to the original pattern, it would be difficult for me to explain to her how my aunt did it. So, we thought that it would be a great idea if I would do a video tutorial instead. All I did was took a video of my aunt doing that criss cross pattern for my dear friend to see. It's just that particular part that she is curious about so that's all we did.

Hopefully she'll get the idea once she views the video and will be able to make that criss cross pattern for her own crochet project soon. ;) All the best to you dear CC! ;)

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