Wednesday, February 15, 2012

About driving

Owhhhh God.....I missed the date!!!! Now this means that I have to make 2 posts for 15th of February to make up for the post I missed on the 14th. :( Ok.....below was what I was writing about before I missed the time to post it just now huhuhuu.........

Post for 14th of February 2012

Now I get it. Things are beginning to seem so clear to me now. Now I know why my Mom was so upset with me before.

When I was staying in KL years ago, I didn't drive much. I did try to drive there. But was a bit scared of the traffic in KL. Ok.....who am I trying to kid here......I was damn scared of the traffic there! haha!                        

I did have a drivers license and I was already driving around in Alor Setar before I went to live in KL so I thought that I was good enough to drive there. But I let my fear get the best of me. So for years staying in KL, I didn't drive and my driving skills went rusty.

When I moved back to Alor Setar in 2009, at first I didn't drive either and that really upset my Mom a lot because that means wherever I needed to go, she had to take me there. So annoying right? I didn't have the guts to drive again. It's been so long that I stopped driving that I felt so scared to drive again.

But when she got really sick, that's when I was forced to drive again. It was so damn scary at first. I had to pull myself together and just do it! No matter how scary it was....I knew I just had to do it. Somebody had to take her to the doctor.....somebody had to get food....somebody had to go and pay the bills and bla bla bla.... And I'm so glad now that I did it. Now I got my skills back and am no longer scared of driving. 

I can go wherever I want to, when I want to, at any time of the day. No more issues. 

So you see how important it is to know how to drive? How important it is to be mobile? To be independent?? You can't keep depending on others to take you to the places you want to be. And honestly, staying in Alor Setar, with the public transportation being so lousy unlike in KL where I can get around places with their LRTS and buses, I need to be able to drive here or otherwise, it would be hell for me.

I'm so thankful that my Mom pushed me to learn how to drive so many years ago. Because I just can't imagine not being able to drive now. It's huge loss for those who don't. Seriously.

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