Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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I suddenly realised that I have to make another post for today all because I missed the post on the 14th. So I already posted one at midnight and now I have to post another one for the actual 15th. If you are reading this and finding what I'm saying is confusing you. Please stop reading. Hahahaha! Don't try to crack your head figuring out what I'm trying to say coz only I understand what I'm trying to say sometimes. Yes....sometimes. Sometimes, even I don't get what I'm trying to say......coz I'm just too smart for myself. LOL! :D

Current situation......I'm feeling like I'm in a freezer coz the air cond is on in my room and it's a good thing coz I can't concentrate on work if it's hot here and as usual the working table is a mess. If it's not in a mess, then it's not my table. Got it? LOL! :D I just had to have the air cond on coz the weather here these days is freaking hot. I start to have hallucinations if I don't have it on. :D

It just hit me how stressful posting here each day can be especially if I have nothing much to tell other than how much paper I've shred since morning. :D Believe me.....I shred a lot of paper since morning. A LOT! Thousands and thousands of them. Got some deliveries to make tomorrow too....that's why I've been shredding a lot of's like never just keeps coming....and I just can't stop.

My body is aching all over. Don't feel too good today. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ok. Got lots to do tomorrow. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day :). Perhaps, tomorrow I'll have much to write about here.....hmmmmm.......we shall see hihihiihihi.....till then! ;)

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