Monday, February 13, 2012


Hahahaha....I put today's date as the title post again hahahahaha.......though it's not a pretty number, do I look like I care? hahahaha :D As long as there is a title for this post, it's fine with me ;).

Seriously so tired today but feeling so satisfied because I managed to finish my swap project today. They are all done! Yay! Now I can concentrate on other projects for this week. I can't wait to post about the swap this coming Thursday. Haven't taken photos of them yet, will do all that tomorrow. :)

I gotta say....whoever invented the automatic washing machine is a genius and I love you! hahaha! If it wasn't for the invention, I probably have to waste a lot of time washing clothes. And honestly I just don't have the energy to spend on washing clothes manually anymore. I need to conserve my energy for other important things in my life...hahaha. So thank you very much, whoever you are. :D

I haven't been doing laundry for......errrrr.......for quite a while and I noticed a lot of empty spaces in my drawers. I've been taking and taking and taking clothes from my drawers and not washing and washing and washing them. Then I realised I have to wash them today otherwise I won't have anymore pajamas to wear tonight LOL!! So I'm glad I have something to wear tonight :D.

I've been neglecting a lot of things lately. This is a reason why I can't have pets. Was thinking of getting one this year. But, now I know I really can't. I would probably won't have time for it. I know what it's like to have pets. I've been there, done that years ago. And they need your full attention. Attention I can't give them right now. So....getting a pet this year is a big no no.

Ok....that's all for today. I'm just too super happy and excited about my new project that so much so that it's all I think about lately.  I can't wait to blog about it soon! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're happy. Happy Valentine's by the way :)- FR

Anonymous said...

But Lin, if you had a pet - a dog, then you would have to walk him and you would benefit from that as well. Walking is a wonderful exercise and our furry friends need a LOT of that.

Then if you happen to walk in the forest then you get this benefit - forest therapy. Have you heard of it? It is so cool. No wonder I have always felt so good when I walked in the woods. I never knew about the benefits until now.,content=2017

I have been walking my first dog for 15 years every day 365 days a year. Ok, there were some days we did not walk but I could count those on one hand. Then my dog passed but I had another 1 year old dog that needed walking. So, I am walking still. This one requires LOTS of walking. I could and often walk 3 hours a day, and he is still not tired. The only thing that tired him was our 20 mile walk last summer. It took us 6 hours straight. What a lovely time we had exploring the areas along the trails.

I highly recommend getting a dog because you will be forced to walk every day. How can you not walk him when he gives you that look? I know I cannot resist my dog. Heck, I even make homemade treats for him a couple of times a week.

Take care,

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

FR....thank you so much for the Valentines day wish...although I don't celebrate it but I would like to wish Happy Valentines Day to you too :)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Barb....I can't have a dog as a pet. It's forbidden in Islam. I can have a cat though :)

Anonymous said...

Lin, but there is no difference between a cat and a dog. How can one be allowed and the other not? Very unusual.