Sunday, February 12, 2012


No idea what to write for the title post, so I just write down today's date. Clever or not??? Of course very ooooooo clever. :D Whenever you have no idea what to write there, you just write down the date ok? Besides, it's a nice number right? hahaha!

Here I am....not able to concentrate on what to write right now.....coz my brain is so focused on the swap project I'm doing for my students. I've already finished one and I just got one more to do. I'm pretty happy about it because suddenly I just love what I did for the swap. It's something I've never done before. And suddenly, that's all I feel like doing for the rest of the year! Hah!! I don't feel like making cards anymore all of a sudden. What's wrong with me???!! I guess I just got distracted? Perhaps. Hopefully not for long. 

But seriously......I don't feel like making cards at all right now. :(

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