Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The sweetest call

CC and Ron

I was doing my usual routine this morning, replying emails, facebooking etc when suddenly I heard the house phone ringing. I went to pick it up and guess who was at the other end of the line?? It was my dear friend CC! Yup! This is the second time I got a call from her. Once was when she was staying in Hawaii and now all the way from New Mexico. 

It was the sweetest surprise! I remember the first time she called me, I was staying alone in KL. Her call really cheered me up. And again she managed to do that this morning. Got the chance to talk to Ron too for a brief moment. Funny he mentioned about BOBOI hiihihihi.....he and CC saw the video I posted in my Facebook. Even though they had no idea what  BOBOI were talking about, still they thought those guys were funny. If only those guys spoke in English, they might have understood the jokes. Anyhow, for me, just by looking at BOBOI's facial expressions is enough to crack me up! haha!

Ok, back to the sweetest was because of the Christmas card and gift I sent her. I'm so glad she received them safely. I was beginning to get worried if the package got lost or something along the way. I'm so happy as well that the card managed to cheer her up. It's the least I can do for all that she's done for me. Still, I wish I could have given more. 

Funny how nervous I was when talking to much so I even spoke in Malay a bit....jumbled things up....mixing English with Malay at some point haha. Forgive me CC for I was too excited and nervous and all sorts of emotions were all rolling into one. 

I sometimes wish I have a good friend like that staying nearby. It would be so great! Good friends are very hard to come by these days. I kid you not. :)  If you ever find a good one, take good care of kind always. :)

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