Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No more bread!

Since last Friday I've stopped eating bread. It's a huge step. I'm a huge fan of bread. Especially whole wheat or whole grain bread. Now no more. Starting this year, I'm gonna start this wheat free diet. So I'm starting to eliminate the things I normally eat everyday that are made from wheat products like bread, biscuits and things that are fried using wheat flour. So far, I've managed to eliminate the bread altogether. I finished all the bread in the house and never bought one again after that. 

So let's's been 6 days now without bread. So far so good. I'm not missing it yet. :) I still have to stop eating whole wheat biscuits. I still have some left in the house. Just trying to finish up whatever is left and will never buy or eat them again.

I noticed ever since I stopped eating bread and dairy products, my tummy does feel a lot better. Less gassy and don't feel so bloated anymore like before. I really hope to see a huge difference with the skin rash as well. Because I understand that it does have something to do with taking too much of this wheat products. So hopefully I can see some differences on my skin after a month or so. 

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Grace to You said...

I have tummy troubles too, always have, and I've been wanting to try a wheat- and dairy-free diet for a while now, but it seems so hard! Esp the wheat - I love, love, love bread - would choose it over dessert most of the time.

In the meantime, I just this morning threw the last of the sweets in the house into the trash. Yay! :) Now if I can just keep from buying more. hehe

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Indeed it's so tough right?? I find it so difficult to quit eating bread too but I'm amazed myself that I managed to go without it for 6 days now. Hopefully I can do this for the rest of the year! hihi!

It's a real challenge to stop myself from buying them whenever I go to the supermarket but I gotta be strong and look away whenever I pass by them. Gotta keep thinking about getting well, hopefully that will help me get through it.

Anonymous said...

You can do it, Lin. Remember one thing. All habits can be unlearned. The way to do it this way. Whatever habit you want to break, you must not do this thing or eat this thing for 99 days straight.

Note I said straight. If you break anywhere within the 99 days, you have to start all over. It works if you do it for 99 days. That's how long it takes for form a new habit or break an old one.

I learned this in my behavioral class in college many years ago. I still practice this and it works EVERYTIME. This works for any behavior you want to change.

Another good one for dieting is this. Tell yourself that you will only eat a meal in a certain place under certain conditions. For example, say to yourself that you will only eat at the table, sitting down with real china. This eliminates eating while standing, while driving or fast food. Fast food is not served on china. So, if you want to eat something you have to sit down. Many times we are so busy we don't want to sit down or take out china so we don't eat. Hence, this reduces the amount of food you will eat because you don't want to bother with the conditions you set for yourself. This really works too.

Take care,