Friday, January 20, 2012

No dairy products

I'm saying no to milk.....and I'm saying no to dairy products from now onward.  For health reasons. Actually I knew for quite some time now that if I take milk or any food products that has milk in it, I would get stomach will upset my tummy, feel bloated and my skin would get all itchy. But for the love of dairy products, I endured all the pain and itch....all of it. 

I did try to remove some dairy products from home. Tried not to purchase them anymore. Whenever I eat out, I try not to eat food that's has dairy products mixed in it.  But there will come a time every now and then when the cravings comes back to haunt me. 

Sometimes I forget about the hidden dairy in some types of food too. Yes, those foods like cakes, bread, sauces.....there's so many! This will trigger the allergies without me realising it. 

Since yesterday I've stopped taking dairy products. This means, I no longer drink Milo (my most favourite drink at home), no more teh tarik (Malaysia's no 1 favourite drink I gotta say ;) ) whenever I eat out, no more bread, cos I know the kind of bread I buy has milk in it as one of the ingredients....(I'm also trying to stop taking wheat products by the way).....I no longer drink those instant coffee that has powdered milk in more cakes, no more cookies, no more butter, no more yogurt, no more cheese.....oh gosh, I'm gonna miss eating cheese ......and burgers for that matter because I love to eat burgers with cheese in it. If only it's easy to get goat cheese around here. Someone should start thinking of producing goat cheese for people who can't take cow cheese anymore. haha!

So, I'm really going to do it this time. I've gotta learn to sacrifice my favourite foods. Because I know if I don't even try, how am I suppose to get well? I know I can't change drastically over night but this small step will eventually lead to bigger steps in future and bring better health to me, insyaAllah...... :).

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lin. After some time you won't miss the offending foods anymore.

Yes, I stopped drinking coffee two days ago because that is nothing good for my health. Next, it is sugar.

Funny how you say bread has milk in it. Wonder why? Makes no sense to me.

I make my own bread and I only put in yeast, water, salt and flour. That's it and it is the best bread in the world. I make the no knead king baked in a covered pot in a really hot oven. It is crispy with a cracked top.

Unfortunately, I have to say no to bread (even my own) since it still has flour. And flour is a culprit responsible for many illnesses.
And so is eating lots of food. We all need to eat less food. I heard the strict yogis in India only eat once a day.

I know this works because I did it. I have been working on renovating my house for the past 6 months. Lots of work and no time to eat. Only ate once a day. I dropped 20 pounds and feel great. I feel so good after eating once a day I continue this still. I am still working on the house too. And it saves so much money on food :)

Take care, dear.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Wow...I don't think I'll be able to eat once a day. Good that what you are practicing now is making you feel good. Happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you could, Lin. Remember the fast that you participate in every year? I think you only eat once a day for several weeks? And you are able to do it then.....