Monday, January 2, 2012

The idea during breakfast

An idea came to mind this morning as I was talking to old friends I met during breakfast. Sparked by an idea my friends had for their new business. I just couldn't help myself. Couldn't help wondering that it was one of the things that I wanted to achieve in my bucket list. 

I just kept most of my ideas to myself. I tried at first to give them a couple of my ideas but one of it was pushed away all because they thought it was too much work. I didn't think so. I guess I wanted it to be perfect. It just had to be the way I wanted it to be. How I pictured it in my head. Yes, it had to be that way. It was beautiful. Just the way I dreamed it would be. I immediately sketched the ideas in my notebook so that I won't forget. So when the time is right, the ideas are already there :). 

How I wish I could do it some day too....just like how they want it. But I guess that dream will have to wait for  a while. I can't believe I actually wanted to join them at first. The thought came to mind. Do it part time or something. As if I don't have enough work in my hands already! Hah! :D

It was just so interesting. And I can't help but think about how it all happened. All I wanted to do this morning was to go out for breakfast and there they were, wanting to have breakfast at the same place. As if there was a divine intervention that we met and talked about that idea. I mean, they could have talked about something else. There were so many other topics to choose from but instead, they talked about that. So.......I can't help but think that God has it all planned out for me. Did He really??

Not sure how things are going to turn out in the end. Will there be a continuation from today's meeting? Will I get to be involved in this new venture? I don't know. Only God knows that. I'll just have to wait and see. ;) 

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