Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2012. Soon it will all be over and we will be entering 2013. I'm glad that I can blog comfortably now. It was difficult before when my computer broke down and ended it's life so suddenly huhuhuhu.....

I'm still struggling with my health.....not sure when all this suffering will be over but still I'm always grateful that even though I'm like this, Allah still bless me with a lot of good things.....certain things that happened to me this year seems like a dream that came be honest, a lot of my dreams came true this year and I'm still pinching myself coz I still can't believe so many good things happened to me......I can't wait to start anew and really look forward to a brand new beginning in the new year. I got a lot of motivation from watching how others have carried on with their lives no matter how hard life  is and how bad their health is....they still achieved a lot and still make it happen.....there is no such thing as giving up.....never give up....and I'll never give up!! As long as I'm still alive, I'll keep on doing what I love.....don't care what people say....all I care about is getting blessings from Allah. 366 days project was abandoned.....guess that today will be the last time I'll label my post here with that 366 days project tag.....and I'm pretty sure that I won't be doing it again for 2013 or the year after that.....because I just don't have the time for it anymore. But at least I did try my best..... ;)

Just like all the years before.....each year, I've gained so much of new knowledge, lots of new experience and done so many new things in my's pretty life changing....and I love it. No regrets! Alhamdulillah.....I love 2012.....thank you for all the wonderful things that came my way....unforgettable indeed!!. <3 <3 <3

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be blogging about today's date! Yup, a special date indeed......doesn't come that often so why not just take the opportunity to write something on this unique day. Although not a lot of unique things happened today.....just a lot of working I must say ahahaha.

I haven't been writing here that much....not as often as I should or would have sometime ago. I guess, I have come to a point where I like to keep things to myself and be quiet nowadays. Strange but true. I just prefer to keep things to myself and just enjoy what I do without having to advertise about it every now and then like I used to. 

I guess I have changed. And I think I have changed a lot lately. I guess it started about a few months ago when I suddenly felt that I didn't need to share my thoughts online anymore. Not that I wouldn't share at all, it's just that I have slowed down a bit.....well, a lot actually...hehe. No more tweets on Twitter.....rarely share any status updates.....or post anything at my blog.....maybe it has something to do with age??? Ahahaha....I kept wondering why.....and time and time again.....I can't seem to find an answer. The mind just refuse to do certain things......and there's no explanation to it. It just decided to stop those actions and created a new type of activity. Ahhhh yesss.....perhaps I got bored of the old activity and needed something new in my life....hmmmmm....perhaps that's it!!! :D

Feeling kinda sad that it's already December. What the heck happened???? Time....yes, time flew faster than the speeding's so hard to keep up. Before I know it....the day is gone...and here comes a new day....a new week... a new month.....and soon enough....a new YEAR!! I'm happy because this year has been one of the most challenging year for me...a lot has happened and achieved....I had set out to achieve a few things for this year and I managed to get it all to come true....alhamdulillah.......

A change of lifestyle....a change of attitude....a change in habits.....a change in a lot of things in my life and I'm happy that I changed something and not live in the same type of setting all year. A change is good....good for the mind, body and spirit. Who knows.....I might just change again next year.....a brand new and improved Lin ;).

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello again dear blog....

Not sure why but suddenly I had the urge to write even though I know darn well  how much of work that needs to be done and the last thing I should be doing right now is write a post here.

I guess I kinda miss writing down my thoughts here. The last time I wrote anything here was on my birthday...which was in September. THAT means......I totally missed writing anything in October!!! Oh gosh....I can't believe I did that. That shows how sick I've been that I just couldn't care less about missing a post or whatever else that's happening in this world. All I cared about was how was I going to get well.

The fact that I'm writing something here right now is good sign that things are getting better.....slowly but surely I have high hopes that it will get better and better in days to come. I just need to be strong to face this tough challenge in life and have great patience.

I might have seemed a bit mean because I've been so quiet to almost everyone who are close to me's all because I just don't feel like talking much....didn't have the appetite to eat much....or go out much.....I just concentrated on working at home and healing the body.......I work as slow as a tortoise....or a snail perhaps....but I made sure I get it done....

I think I've come to appreciate my body more and be nice to it.....give special attention to it and not neglect it......alhamdulillah....I've done so much of research on how to heal myself naturally and found some natural remedies that actually work on's really amazing.....I almost lost hope....but I am glad persevered.

I'm almost a vegetarian nowadays......that was the only way for me to get my health back.....I'm glad it took great patience to do so....but it worked....tough....but it was for my own good. Luckily I can still take least that's something to look forward to each week hehe....

Perhaps one day I'll be able to write often again like I used to..... :)

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's my day!

I have not been regularly updating my personal blog due to work commitments and health issues but today, I just had to take some time off from whatever I was doing to jot down what is on my mind on this special occasion. It's that time of the year again.....and alhamdulillah this year, I get to celebrate my birthday again....there was a few surprises that I received from loved ones....that has made my birthday celebration very special indeed....a very memorable one I must say! I got a lot to be thankful for....for all that I received to date.

I can't forget what happened today. My "little sis" gave me a surprise party at her house. It was a very lovely surprise indeed. Knowing and considering her who just recently had a new baby, I felt really blessed indeed when she took the trouble to organize the party for me. I truly appreciate it very much for all that she did for me. It's the thought that really mattered the most. Big or small the celebration, it doesn't matter much....for me it's always the thought that touches the heart. I'll forever remember this moment for as long as I live. 

Sometimes when we're feeling a bit under the weather or when we are not in our usual self.....and suddenly we get these little sure does lifts up our spirit and keeps us going. Alhamdulillah for all the little surprises that I received from all my loved ones for my birthday this all really made my life more beautiful.... <3

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do or do not

I don't know what has gotten into me lately. I guess I have other more important priorities to focus on rather than blogging here. The worse thing is, I don't feel the least bit guilty at all for not writing here. That's not good. Not good at all. Because the blog needs to be updated every now and then. I guess I have released myself from feeling any guilt for not writing. I'm free! LOL! No more stressing about it.

I'm still in the fasting mode. Still got a few more days left to fast before I can celebrate. I think perhaps I should make it a point to fast at least once a week from now onwards. It would be good to do so, for health sake. Hopefully I can make it a habit. :) Just do it!!

Will be starting class soon.....gosh, I'm so not prepared for it. I thought I was. But I guess, whether I like it or not, I have to prepare. No choice. Do or do not, there is no room for thinking about it. Life is too short. 3 more months of the course and hopefully I'll be able to move on to the other level of the course and finish the whole thing by early next year....insyaAllah.

Been reading a lot too lately. I guess, when the urge to seek knowledge has arrived, it seems easy to do it. I sure got a lot of reading to do....lots of questions unanswered.....but will be answered by the books insyaAllah. Never too late to start something good. :)

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Eidul Fitri is finally over for is time to start working again. I guess the 2 weeks of holiday that I gave myself just went by faster than the speeding bullet. I can't believe it's all over. So darn fast.

All in all I think my Eidul Fitri this year went really well. Lots of fond memories about it. Something I will definitely cherish and be grateful for. Ramadhan was really a month full of enlightenment indeed. I'm seeing a lot of things in a different perspective now. I'm at that place where I'm feeling really blessed and am really really clear of what I really want in life and where I'm heading. It used to be a little blur.....but not anymore now, alhamdulillah.

Looks like it's really official now. I can't be blogging here as much as I hope to. In fact, I've missed so many posts, I've lost count already. Looks like the 366 days project is a disaster. And no, I'm not going to try doing it all over again next year. Because I don't think it's something I'm interested in anymore. I can probably write a diary everyday....a real diary book that is, but not write here everyday. It's not possible anymore. 

Next week will definitely be a busy busy week for me. There's just so much to do. Need to list down my plans.....need to make a new time table as well. Need to make sure this time around I will have more rest and more time for exercise and studies. Got lots to study this year....hopefully all will be running smoothly till I finish the course. New class will start probably early September......still haven't gotten my new class schedule from my teacher. Still waiting.....can't wait for the new lessons. :)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Detox mode

I'm thinking and thinking. Perhaps it would be a good idea to stop the 366 days project. I just don't see any way for me to keep writing here everyday. It's just too much stress for me. Hahahahahah! Yeah right! Stress konon! :P

I've done good so far with the project up until May and then when June came, it all fell apart. I still have not managed to catch up with all the days that I've missed posting... even now that August is here, I'm still slacking with the posts. 

I'm not feeling too good either. Been sick for a few weeks now. Allergies that has gotten the best of me. I think that this is probably the worst I've ever experienced. Thanks to yours truly for not taking good care of what she's been eating and now suffering....all thanks to herself. :D Pat on my back! Great job Lin, you've done a great job in poisoning yourself slowly with all the yummy delicious food that you are supposed to stay away from! :P

Now I'm on detox mode. I'm hoping that I'll be ok again before the fasting month ends. Still.....even though I'm sick, the work must go goes doesn't stop......nothing can stop me from doing what is important. If I don't do it, no one can do it for me anyways. Life goes on the way it does.......I just keep on moving....even if it means I'll be moving at snail least I'm moving :).

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The morning chat

I gotta shock this morning as I was busy working in my room, suddenly I heard such loud sounds of the Black Naped Oriole outside the house. I quickly ran towards the window and saw about 4-5 of them on the banana trees having their morning chat....ahahaha.....I was just guessing about what they were doing. Only God knows what on earth were they saying to each other. First time for me to see so many of them at one time. Usually it's only 1 or two.

I managed to grab my camera and took a video of them. Pretty difficult to do it because I had to do it while I'm inside the house. I can't go out and take videos of them because that would scare them and chase them away. So I had to be quick! Luckily I managed to get a shot of them before they flew off to another location. :)

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

It is that time of the year again. Ramadhan is here. Marhaban Ya Ramadhan. Once again I am blessed to be given the opportunity to meet Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. I do believe that this will be one of the most memorable and sweetest Ramadhan I'll ever experience in a long long time. Why? Because this time I get to do something that I have been longing to do in Ramadhan. Something I've been dreaming about doing for years. It's like a dream come true now. But I can't tell you what it's a secret hehehe.....:) But if you can guess what it is....then do let me know! LOL! :D (but I don't think you'll be able to guess it! haha!:D).

Ramadhan this year is special because it started on a Friday. So everyone started going to the mosque to do their Terawih prayers.....some who are not well enough to go, will just do the prayers at home. Ramadhan has always been special to me. Especially since I was born in this blessed month. Ramadhan is not just about fasting. It's more than that. Much much more. It's the time to give and give, the time to do good deeds to those who are less fortunate, the time for us to change for the better, the time to read the Quran as much as we can...and many more. The more good deeds we do, the more Allah will bless us... insyaAllah.

I hope I won't have any problems fasting this time around. Hope everything will be smooth, insyaAllah. Praying for good health throughout the month.

I would like to wish all Muslims around the world a very happy Ramadhan....may the blessings of Allah shower upon you....amin. <3

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Teeny weeny corn

Hehe! I never thought that the small corn tree would actually bear any corn! But as you can see, it did! LOL! It's so so so small! This corn tree is the smallest one we have out of the 5 corn tree my Mom planted in her garden. All of them are bearing corn now but not sure yet if the corns are any good to eat....will have to wait and see the results soon. It will take some more time to grow, not really sure how long that will take. Wait patiently I shall... :D

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Orange flavoured ais krim Malaysia

Haven't had this ais krim Malaysia in years!!! I don't know what came over me the other day I just had to make them. Especially during this hot weather, this kinda ice sticks is the best! Loved eating these type of ice sticks when I was is cheap, easy to make and yummy!

You can make them in any flavour you like and I decided to make orange flavoured ones since I had those oranges available at home. Cut them up and just insert them inside the plastic casings and pour in the orange juice inside it. 

Place them in the freezer and after a several hours, the orange flavoured juice inside the casing will hardened and is ready to be eaten! Yummy!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bird watching again

I think by now a lot of people who have been following my blog would know how much I love to watch the variety of birds outside my window. There is one particular bird that has been playing with the rain water that we kept in buckets outside the house. It's been doing this for the past 2-3 days now. I just couldn't help myself and took a video of it in action :).

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It is not the end.....

Finally it's all over. YES!!! 3 months was all it took to learn the basics of reading the Quran using the Al-Baghdadi technique. But I still feel that I need to practice more for the next one month before I continue the next level with another 3 months course with the Al-Baghdadi team. 

Felt kinda awkward to say goodbye to the team last night after we finished our class. I miss them already!! :( I guess I didn't want to say goodbye and I simply just didn't know how to do it either.....wish I knew the right thing to say in such situation :(. I am never good at saying goodbyes......I can be such a weirdo sometimes haha.... . After all, we will be seeing each other again in a month's time, insyaAllah.....God willing if all is well, then we will continue our class again after Eidul Fitri. 

I wish we could have taken photos of the whole group to commemorate our 3 months course together. But I knew they wouldn't be comfortable doing so. Too bad coz they are all so shy.... :(. 

I really have to make sure that I practice reading using that technique a lot during the fasting month. One things is for sure.....this is not the end of the's only the beginning of a beautiful bond with the Quran ;).

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Mourning over the death of a loved just died this morning......not sure what was the cause. No post mortem was done either to find the cause of death. :(

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All plucked

Looks like this year our rambutan trees did not bear that much fruit as last year's but even so there were plenty to give away and eat for ourselves. It's always like that....but there was one year when there weren't any fruit at all from any of the rambutan trees. That was when there was a big flood here in Alor Setar. The flood totally messed the trees up.....but fortunately the trees survived it :). 

We managed to pluck all the rambutans for the second time from the trees yesterday....not much left from the first pluck.....usually we had to pluck them at least 4-5 times/rounds but since there weren't much of them on the trees, it takes less time to pluck them all.

I just don't have the energy to do this anymore.......this year, I didn't pluck any rambutans from the trees at all. Thanks to our weekly help that comes over, she managed to pluck all of them for us. Thank God for her....otherwise, the rambutans would still be on the trees. >.<

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ya Nabi Salam Alayka - Maher Zain


I'm just so in love with this of my favourites from Maher heart is filled with so much joy every time I listen to this song. It's just so beautiful.....Subahanallah... <3

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Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm loving all these quotes that I got today from Twitter <3 <3 <3

"If People say something bad about You, Judge You as if they know You, don't easily get effected. Remember this, Dogs bark if they don't know the person".

"A true confident and Discipline Person leaves no room for Jealousy. Because when You work hard, Positively to be Great, You got No time to Hate".

"ALLAH Gives, ALLAH Forgive... Men Gets, and Men Forget." Remember, Always be Grateful and remain Humble".

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kasih Dunia Bahagia Akhirat

Alhamdulillah...alhamdulillah...alhamdulillah.....what a beautiful day it has been indeed. Truly inspiring day  too since morning till late in the evening. I feel really grateful for the things I've learned today. Especially what I've learned from attending the talk by Dato Dr. Fatma Al Zahra this afternoon. 

I missed the opportunity to attend her talk last year but alhamdulillah this year I made it! Although I almost changed my mind at the very last minute but I'm glad I was truly worth it. I went there with my Mom and her friends. I took the day off....which is quite rare for me to do since I'm a workaholic but I knew I cannot miss this wonderful opportunity again. I must attend it no matter what. And so I did. 

This is my first time listening to her talk, live. I've listened to her talk many times before on TV, and I really adore her. All the things she mentioned in her talk really went straight to my heart. Her advice was something that I really needed to hear right now, really relevant and I feel so happy about that. It was just what I needed to hear. Alhamdulillah, she gave a lot of tips on how to achieve happiness on earth and the hereafter. I felt really fortunate and blessed to get that knowledge from her even though in such a short period of time. The 3 hours talk felt like just 30 minutes.....time flew so fast when you are enjoying the talk so much. I wish she would go on and on and on some more with the talk but of course that's not possible :(.

Hopefully someday I'll get this opportunity again to attend another talk from her....insyaAllah... :) 

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Always remember.....

I have to always remember this.......

People will always try to talk about us......they'll find a way to do so sometimes no matter what. But we have to always remember that they can't hurt us unless we let them. Why let people who are so insignificant to hurt us over and over again. Why must we accept all that. Just ignore all of it....because they are so insignificant.

Life is so short and can sometimes be so unpredictable, so we must not waste our precious time on the people that don't matter. Prioritise our time on our loved ones and the things we love doing. There is so much love to give and so many things we can do to make a difference in this world. We have to always stay positive too. Remember to always keep our heads up, stay strong, smile, and move forward. Believe that Allah is always there for us.......Always.......... :) 

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wet garden

The garden is soaking wet yet again, 2 days in a row. My Mom is very happy about this because this only means that she doesn't have to water the plants and therefore can relax hehe. It's been raining since 4.00 AM today and I'm loving it because this makes fasting easy for me, insyaAllah. Hopefully I will be ok throughout the day. The cool weather is a great help, believe you me. ^.^ Loving it!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blissful rain

I wish you can feel what I'm feeling now. The weather today is so's been raining since morning and all the trees in the garden has been bathed from top to bottom with the cold water that fell from the sky. It's so lovely each time it rains in the morning.... as the morning air gets even more refreshing than usual. ^.^ Bliss!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Corn tree

See how small our corn tree is??? Not even one feet tall. Super small and yet the flower has already come out at an early stage. I wonder how small the corn will be. LOL! :D

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July the first

Oh gosh....what have I done? I've neglected this blog to the max.....once I start to neglect, I can't seem to stop can I??  It's bad....very bad.

I'm starting to think that this is not something I can do everyday. Unless it's a  private blog. Then I think I won't have any problem writing whatever I want. The problem now is that it's not. It's public. There are things I wish I could write here but it might hurt some people's feelings even though I never meant to.......people tend to translate whatever I write differently sometimes from how I see it's kinda dangerous to simply write without caution. 

I was thinking of doing this project in another way which is by posting a photo a day instead. That would be interesting. But then the photo itself has to be interesting wouldn't it? Haha! It's another challenge for me. Oh well.....gotta give it a try at least....who knows that might just save this project! LOL! :D

Another new month to celebrate life.......I wish all the best things to keep coming my way this month....hopefully I will be more productive, making better choices, feeling better than ever and being surrounded with all the positive people around me who keeps me smiling all day. No more negative people who loves to bring me down. Taking in the good and throwing all the bad ones out of my life. Yay!! ;) 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Please meet another one of the many species in my Mom's mini jungle. The name is "Hanger"......coz this little fella likes to "hang around" the fence.....ahahahahha. :D

Kinda funny when I was taking the picture of this little just froze in one position, just hoping that I wouldn't notice it.....when in fact I did notice it and was apparently taking it's picture! LOL! :D This type of lizard is harmless. Never bothered anyone or anything. 

They just love hanging around ;)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Short addiction

The crazy hot weather here in Alor Setar has turned me into an addict. But only for a short while hehe.....yup......I was addicted to this "flower drink" or Chrysanthemum tea.......this thirst quenching and refreshing drink is so suitable to be taken during the hot weather. It's a natural coolant.

Even though it's tea....but it's a caffeine free no worries about taking lots of it.....except for the sugar in it. That's was what got me worried and I knew I had to stop. It's actually best taken without sugar. Lots of health benefits. But the minute you add sugar in it, it's no longer good but it sure does taste great! ;)

I had been taking this drink almost every other day for the past one week but luckily I managed to put it to a stop. This addiction had to end. >.<

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I won't give up

Has it been a week already since I last wrote here? time flies. I didn't feel a thing. Gotta a shock when I looked at the date.

Looking at how things are going, I don't think I'll be able to write all the posts that I missed this month. I'll just pray that I will be able to get them done before the year ends. Because by hook or by crook, I need to write 366 posts this year.

I just realised last night that it's no longer worth the time for me to think too much about "the class" anymore. I give up, it's no use. No matter what I say.....they'll just keep on doing what they think is right. I guess they know best at what they are doing.....who am I to question them......I don't know much about it. So I'll just keep on studying and make sure that I don't miss the class. So far I haven't missed one yet. No matter how boring, no matter how annoying, no matter how disturbing it can thing I won't give up.....I won't give up on the sacred book. I'll never give up on that. That is the promise I made to myself.

I feel numb again. I don't think it has anything to do with age. It has lots to do with the experience. The pain has somehow made me strong. Now I don't feel a thing..........

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Been so busy with work lately....that I don't have much time to write here. Neglecting my 366 days project again. Work comes first......personal blog comes....errr second or 10th? ahahahaha.....

Was so busy like crazy yesterday.....with classes to attend etc.....I almost fell asleep in class, almost......yeah almost.....luckily I didn't ahahaha. My teacher was trying his level best to keep the class entertaining and cheerful but it didn't work. Not for me. I wish he would change his teaching methods......try to make it more exciting......and make us more interested to stay on and be alert in class. Just a few more weeks left before Ramadhan.....hopefully we can finish up all the lessons before Ramadhan comes. 

I guess I won't have time to blog here for a few more days. Seriously. :( What to do......sometimes, it's inevitable. Gotta prioritize. Will somehow try to make up to it by month end if possible. I have to make sure I get all the post completed each month. >.<

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Cycling again

After so many months of not cycling, I'm just dying to go out cycling around the park again. I stopped cycling months ago because I had an accident while cycling and sprained my left arm pretty bad. Both my feet hurt as well  (but not because of the accident, there's another reason for that) and that has been one of the major reasons why I haven't been cycling. I miss it so much!! Now that my arm and feet don't hurt as much as before, I must cycle again. Work issues must not be in the way as well. 

This morning I decided that it's time for me to just do it! So I cleaned my rusty bicycle and pumped in the air in both wheels and tested it this morning around my compound to see if it's still working, since it's been abandoned for so long. Yup! It's working! Feels great to cycle again even though it was just for a few minutes this morning. For those who don't like to consider it, do give it a try at least once in your have no idea how great the feeling is when you get to cycle....believe you's a wonderful feeling! ;).

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zombie day

Not a good day I guess. Felt terrible in the morning. Don't know why but was extremely extremely tired when I woke up this morning. Felt like there was a ton of bricks on my shoulders. I could barely get up and walk. Was feeling like a zombie all day.

Couldn't go out today coz I was afraid I wouldn't be able to drive well in my condition. Couldn't go and post the orders huhuhu.....will have to wait for tomorrow to do that. :(

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To save and to keep

I have been saving up some money in my "KFC coin oven" since last year and finally it's full!! Yeay!!! Time to spend them! LOL! :D In the beginning, I've put in all the coins I've got from 1 cent to 50 didn't matter as long as I put in some amount of coins inside it everyday, but of late I've been putting more of 50 cents and 20 cents instead.

When I took out all the coins that I've been saving, I realised that there are a mix of different designs of coins from way back in 1973 till 2012. I can't believe that I have a 1973 coin. Imagine how long it's been travelling around Malaysia....for almost 40 years! I think I'll keep that one! hehe! 

If I were to compare the design from the 1973 coin to the recent one, I definitely prefer the old one better. I just love the old design so much better because it's symmetrical and I think a lot of thought has been given to design it. The number is bigger as well. So the number is the centre of attention, the focal point. When we look at it, we can immediately tell that it's a 20 cents coin. Nothing on it would distract me from looking at the number. The Malaysian flower is still on it but just as something that compliments it and not as the main thing that we would be attracted to when we first lay our eyes upon it.

Plus I realised that all the old coin designs had the same design at the back of it for all the coins, be it a 1 cent coin or a 50 cents coin. They are all the same. Perhaps I'll keep one of each coin from the past since they don't produce them anymore. It's part of history :). 

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The learning continues

Been in and out of the house since morning. I am a driver by day and designer by night ahahaha......something like that today. But I guess I won't be a designer tonight coz tonight I've got my AlBaghdadi class to attend to...and by the time I reach home I would be too dead tired to do anymore work. I can't wait to learn something new tonight. Last week's class was superb. I wonder who will be teaching us tonight.....Ustaz Razali or Ustaz Rais? Hmmm.....I was really hoping that Ustazah Rohaya would be teaching us but I guess she can only teach us when we are in the advanced class later on this year. Looking forward to that :).

I'm really happy with the class as it helps me a lot in improving my reading. I've learned what were the mistakes I've made before and alhamdulillah I've managed to made the corrections now. Better late than never right? I don't want to keep on making the mistakes forever. 

The class is a feel good class coz every time I attend it I will feel good. Seriously it really does makes me feel good. I would be smiling all the way back home every Monday night :).

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby coconuts

At last, after so many years of waiting...........we got baby coconuts again in our garden! Weeehuuuu!!! ^.^

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lai Chi Kang Kumbang

Do you see what I see? Yup, it's a beetle floating in the red plastic spoon. It's a DEAD beetle.....drowned in the Lai Chi Kang......probably been dead for God knows how long before it ended up in my Lai Chi Kang. The person who made the Lai Chi Kang for me probably thought that by adding a dead beetle in it might add some special flavour to it and thus making it a super creative invention from the restaurant. :P

At first we just wanted to buy the food and eat it at home but I was the one who insisted on eating there because I wanted to eat the Lai Chi Kang at the restaurant. I just prefer to eat it at the place.....just like "ais kacang", it's better to eat it at the place rather than packing it and eating it at home. They are just best served there. Boy was it a huge mistake to order it. >.<

The sickening part was that even though they knew that there was a dead beetle in my Lai Chi Kang, they insisted that it was a "peanut"!!! Can you believe it!!???? They said to my Mom that it's a PEANUT!!! As if my Mom was blind or something. It's so obvious that it's a dead beetle and yet they had the cheek to say it was otherwise. I was just so upset with their attitude towards their customers. They didn't even apologize for what they have done. 

I was introduced to this restaurant by an aunt of mine. It is situated somewhere at Jalan Langgar.....before the Sultanah Bahiyah's famous for their grilled fish. The food there was "so-so" but the place simply stinks's like there is a rubbish truck inside the restaurant. I guess this will be the last time I'm stepping my foot at the restaurant. Too's just too bad........ :(

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blame it on the rain

Late last night there was a sudden heavy storm that passed by our neighbourhood. The heavy rain and the strong wind had caused some damages to my Mom's garden. Luckily it was not that severe. However it did broke one of the big tree pot.

As you can see here, one of the lotus flower had been "beheaded" by the strong forces of nature ehehehehehe.........the flower was completely chopped off and fell to the ground was just beginning to bloom yesterday.....such a pity....felt sad seeing it on the floor like that....... :(

Below is the pot that is broken......looks like we have to replace it with another bigger pot or just plant it in the ground somewhere in my Mom's garden.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Missed it

Oh gosh....I just realised that I missed yesterday's post. I completely forgot. Sigh. Must be because I was so occupied with other important things to do ehehehe....duhhhh.....

Today is my extremely busy day. Not sure how I'm going to get all the work done but it has to be done by tomorrow. Luckily I just have one more thing to get done for tonight but since it's already 11PM I'm not sure I can get it done's not possible to cut the foams in just one hour....impossible impossible....huhuhu......right about now I wish I have a machine that can help me cut the foams....but I don't think the machine exist.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tweet from.....

I've been a follower of TMJ for quite sometime now and I just had to blog about his tweet today. He's awesome! ;)

"Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticise, wait. Before you quit, try. When You don't know what is the real story or what will happen in the future, do your research before you open your mouth. - TMJ

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

In a rush

Rushing to get my orders done tonight. I just have one more to do before bedtime.

Been shredding papers like crazy today. I think I did it so fast I even surprised myself. LOL! It's all because of the amount of practice I've had over the few months I suppose. The experience has given me ideas of how to pack them faster and more organized. Makes it easier for me.

I think I shred paper more than I actually quill these days. Not much time to quill that much anymore. So whenever I have orders of quilled cards to make, it feels kinda weird doing it. And since I now have a new "love", it get weirder.....ehehehe. But of course I'll never forget quilling. :)

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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Went for 2 weddings today.....huhuhu......I'm allergic to weddings ahahaha. And yet I had to go since I am my Mom's "driver". Well, somebody has to do the job. :D Luckily now I'm a much better driver than before. The more I drive, the more experience, the better I am at it. 

I just took a peek at my YouTube videos today and I got a shock to see that my first video has hit 50,000 views already! OMG! Wow.....I'm surprised that the video is so popular compared to the rest. I was hoping the other videos I made would have much more views but I guess people prefer the first one better. I'm so happy about that. :)

Been so busy with work and taking care of health that I didn't have much time to make new craft videos. Been meaning to do so since I had a lot of requests from readers of my card blog but I just don't have the time yet. It's not as easy as it seems.......and I need some peace and quiet in the house while I'm doing it.....and the mood has to be good as well ehehehehe.....otherwise it never turns out as planned. :)

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Friday, June 1, 2012


First day of June. 

Been quite a productive day I must say....despite not feeling too good in the morning. I'm still crazy about iris I've been focusing on that now....and I can't seem to stop once I like something, I just keep going. It's something like how it was when I first started quilling. It can be pretty addictive too ....I kid you not. The only thing is, I'm not folding anything since I'm using ribbons instead of paper....hehe....saves me a lot of time! There's still some other craft techniques that I'm interested to try out using ribbons. Gotta give it a go.

I can't stop Pinteresting either. It's like routine now everyday. Must stop by there once a day for inspiration and for mind therapy. Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Blogger, Nuffnang, YouTube and now Pinterest. I wonder what's next.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last day of May already.....huhu.....

How can this be???? I feel like time just fly too fast and I can't keep up with it. I'm too slow. 

June is going to be the start of a new me. More organized, more disciplined and more errrrrr......just more...ahahaha. A better me.

Thinking of reorganizing my studio since it's super duper messy. Trying to figure out how to make it work for me. How to make sure it will look nice all the how how.......maybe I need more shelves....more drawers....more place to put my craft stuff. There's just too many of them scattered all over the place. I get dizzy just looking at them.

This time I think I really have to be serious about it. I'm getting sick and tired of looking at my messy room. Something just has to be done to solve this problem. :( Hope to find a solution in June......and that's tomorrow! Yikes! Wish me luck!! :D

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Beautiful Day - U2

Yup this song would do it for me today.....just perfect ;)

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So rained for just a few minutes just now...even the sky was dark and all......and then suddenly came the sun shining so brightly outside my more rain....that was really fast.....the weather is pretty unpredictable these days. 

Started my day quite late. Don't feel too good suddenly this morning. I guess it's just one of those days. Done some of the house chores and now thinking about work. Just thinking. LOL! :D

But before I start working on the orders I seriously need to clean my ceiling fan. It's been a while since I last cleaned it and I could see that the dust clinging on the fan is getting pretty heavy. No wonder I've been sneezing quite a lot these days whenever I'm in the room. So much of dust everywhere. I need a cleaner. But I don't think that the cleaner knows how to go about cleaning my room because it's too complicated ahahahahaha. How can you clean a room that looks like a maze. The cleaner will get lost inside my room while cleaning ahahahahaha. :D

Need to search for songs on YouTube to cheer up my mood and keep me awake while I climb up the stairs and clean the ceiling fan. Oh how fun that would be. :P

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Half done

I'm so not in the mood to do anything much today. Something wrong I guess. Just not in the mood. But even so, I still managed to do 3 cards (half done), using the punch all over the page craft punch...hehe. I have been  patiently watching videos on how to use it and finally I get to use it correctly today. No wonder I couldn't get the patterns to turn out right yesterday. So today the punch out patterns looks perfect. So happy about that. Still need to practice more though. Must study more. >.<

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Just finished doing laundry and now I can start doing some work in my studio. I'm still playing with my new toys. Still need to experiment more and of course learn the correct way of using it. As a first timer, I did make some mistakes when using the punches at first. Testing them on some paper to find out which type is best suited for the punches. Some are ok but some are definitely a huge no it's good to test them out first before thinking of design. Thank God for YouTube as well.....which is the easiest way for me to get some guidance without bothering other people ehehehe. 

Two more days left before holiday is over. I'm feeling much much better now. My hands aren't aching as much as that's a good thing. ;)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Beyond happy today because I have finally received these craft punches after such a long wait. I've been wanting to purchase these craft punches for quite sometime now but the budget was always in the way. Finally when I was able to buy some, I had to really choose wisely on what I really need because I can't buy all at the same time. I had a tough time making a decision. There were so many gorgeous craft punch design to choose from......arrrrrgggghhhhhhh......I want them all!!!! hehehe!! 

When it comes to craft products, there's just so many that I would like to buy for crafting but in my personal opinion, I don't think that it's necessary to buy everything in order to create something beautiful. Of course it would be nice to have it all, but then again it depends as well on what you really need at the time.

For me as a designer, I started from zero and started collecting craft punch only when I was staying in KL.....I bought one at a time....once a year at first and then the collection increased as the business grew. I only bought what is really necessary and something that would help in the production of my craft. I hope these new "toys" will help me create something more special in for my craft collection and help my business grow in future. ;)

Got some new ideas of what to do with them already.....can't wait to make cards using these craft punch! Time! I need more time to play with them!!!! huhu!

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Didn't have the time to make a post yesterday.......was so busy. It's already the 29th and I still have a lot of post that's due to write before the month ends huhu.

Had to revise as well for my Quran class yesterday evening.....need to study more each day to be better at it.....the more I study and practice reading the more I'll be good at it, insyaAllah.  I'm so glad that now I'm in a new class. The one before was not as great. Thank God I asked for the change and I'm now happy with the new class. :) 

My holiday is almost over as well....huhuhu......1st of June is drawing closer and closer. How great it would be to extend the holiday hehehe......but no, I can't. I need to earn a living. But I've charted a plan for June so that I'll have more time for myself. More time for studying and for rest. Seriously need to do a good time table that works for me.

First time ever yesterday, I went to the post office and the whole place was experiencing a blackout. There weren't any electricity from 2 o'clock in the afternoon till late in the evening when I arrived there to do some deliveries. So I had to go back home with all the packages. I wonder what happened that caused the blackout. Pity seeing the Poslaju staff working inside the post office in the dark....huhu

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

To the max

Even though I'm still young......but I have a body of a senior citizen. I can't even handle the events I went through today. By 4.00PM I was completely exhausted to the max. I was up and about from morning, driving here and there, attended 2 weddings and more. 

Yawning every 1 minute right now......sleep I must.....but can't just yet.......still a lot of emails to reply...............................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steroid fat

Someone gave me such a great idea today on what to say to people who tells me that I'm fat.

All I have to do is just tell them that I'm on steroid pills. Doctor's orders.

The side effects of taking the steroid pills has made me fat. Not because for years and years I purposely eat a lot or refuse to do any exercise.

So please understand that it's not my fault that I'm fat now. Seriously. LOL! :P

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Healing song

How I wish I can just sing this healing song and heal what has been hurt..............change the fate's what has been lost........bring back what once was mine......

If only I got the healing power to do so........................... >.<

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Burung Murai Gila

The name of the birds you see in the video is Burung Murai Gila or Burung Sambar Murai Gila or also known as The Pied Fantail in like a zoologist or something tonight ahahaha......I just found out the name of this bird when I was googling tonight for it's real name.

My Mom (the Science teacher) told me that it's burung murai but I just wanted to be sure of it's real name so I googled for it and to my surprise the name is actually burung murai gila. And I think I know why! LOL! Every time I observed the bird, I've always thought that it was a  little crazy (gila) because of it's behavior. It keeps hopping around with no specific direction and makes such a loud noise like it's in trouble or something even though it's not. Hence the reason why I thought it's crazy.

This type of bird is another one of the many species of birds that hangs out at my Mom's garden.....I've seen them here for years now. They are pretty noisy but I love how their fantail moves up and down when they hop around on the ground. So fancy looking and proud.

I was lucky enough to get a video of the birds this afternoon using my hand phone. The baby bird was calling it's mother to feed it. I watched how the mother flew here and there in the garden searching for food for her baby.......the minute she gets it, immediately she would fly to her baby and feed it. The baby bird would follow her everywhere she goes. It keeps on calling and calling the mother, asking her to feed it.......the baby must be really hungry. I saw the mother catching some small insects and fed the baby.............such sacrifice.......all mothers are amazing indeed...... :)

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So I'll be...

Another lovely far so good....a little sunny now after the had been raining quite heavily since last night.....the ground is now pretty wet and can't walk around some areas in the garden as there are a few small pools of water on the ground........which is wonderful for the birds.....they love taking baths in those small pools and having fun. Love watching them from my bedroom window. :)

I think I have a crush on a new craft technique. I bought a book about it quite a long time ago but never got around to try it out. It seems pretty simple enough but of course nothing is ever like that when it's your time trying. It took a while for me to figure it out and I'm just pretty excited and happy with the results. I can't wait to share about it in my card blog after my holidays. I managed to make 2 cards using that technique and I'm just loving it.....can't wait to make more. What's great about it is that I don't need to buy new craft tools to make them......I can just use the materials I already have available in my studio. Bliss for card makers like me hehehe.

May is coming to an end soon and before I know it, it's going to be June. I can't believe I still have pending work from April that I have not yet completed. I just have a few more days left in May to get it done and posted. Time.....need more time. Even though I'm on "holiday".......but guess what? I work sometimes when I feel like it, when my body says..." yes dear, go ahead and be productive for a few minutes" hehehe..... :D and so I'll be..............

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Burung Tekukur

Burung Tekukur, also known as the Spotted Dove.......can be found a lot at our garden. I spotted these three Spotted doves yesterday and they are always seen together.......I've seen them a few time together......perhaps they are siblings because they are quite small in size compared to the others I've seen before around the garden that are much bigger than they are.

I couldn't get a clear photo of them as they were walking quite far from me.....and I took this photo using my camera I can't get too close to them as they would fly away......they are just so cute!!

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Cool day

The birds and other creatures in the garden seemed pretty cheerful this morning.......including me because the weather today is simply beautiful. 

It started to rain very heavily around 3.30AM and continued to rain till around you can imagine the cool weather at my place right now. It's like having natural air conditioner everywhere at home. Bliss!

They said that it will be raining throughout the perhaps I'll be seeing more rain later in the day I guess. I don't mind as long as the rain doesn't cause any flood please huhu.

Fortunately this cool weather is not making me feel sleepy. I'm wide awake and inspired to create! ;) Hey it rhymes! haha! ;)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eggs in onion rings

This is all because of Pinterest!! Blame it on Pinterest! All the photos of food in there are driving me crazy ahahahahaha! Of course I can't try all the wonderful recipes in there but at least I'm trying something! ahaha! One of it that's super easy to do is how to cook eggs in big onion rings! I saw one photo in Pinterest that caught my looks super easy to do and yummy too. You can have a look at the photo at the link here:

So I gave it a try this morning but it didn't look as nice though......but it did tasted great to me! hehe! I don't like the eggs to be too soft and wobbly, so I fried it on both sides, that's why you see the top part of the eggs looking all fried and crisp on top. ;)

I could also try cooking the eggs in pepper rings too......that would look pretty and less messy because the size of the rings are bigger .........but that's for next time hehehehe ;).

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Twin yolks!

I was happily eating my Curry Maggi mee for lunch today and my Mom gave me a hard boiled egg to eat with it.  I didn't notice anything peculiar about the egg in the beginning.....but when I cut the egg in half with the tablespoon, I was surprised to see twin yolks in the egg! Wow!

Some legends say that if you find twin yolks in an egg it would bring you good luck or good fortune. Well I sure hope so coz I could really use some right now ehehehehehe! ^.^

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Stalking craft sites

I think I've been spending a little too much time these days stalking craft sites ever since I started my holiday. It's one of my favourite past times hehehe.....I also spent a lot of time watching craft tutorials on YouTube. Seriously it can be very addictive. I learned a lot from it. It's one of the best ways to educate myself on craft.

Gosh.....there's so many great projects to make from the YouTube craft tutorials, I just feel like trying them all at the same time hehehe.....and I'm anxiously waiting for some new tools to arrive at my door step so that I can create something new for my card blog as well. Sometimes new tools can inspire us to make new and exciting new designs. I hope! LOL! Can't keep repeating old designs.....can be boring. So, gotta always be doing something new to challenge the mind a bit. It's good to make the mind do some extra work hehehehe.

Pinterest is also one of my favourite sites to stalk...hehehe......seriously I could spend hours browsing it. And the photos uploaded there by other members are seriously so beautiful...mind blowing etc etc.....words cannot express how inspiring they can be. It's so refreshing, so bla bla bla........speechless......makes me giddy and alive all the time hehehehe! :D

Hopefully I will be well enough to try out all the crafts one by one......can't wait to feel 100% good the moment, I'm just creating a little at a time......sketching the ideas for future projects too ;).

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's good

Funny how even at night time I have to switch on the air conditioner in my room when I craft or when I sleep. Can't craft or sleep at the night without the air conditioner anymore. It's pretty hot even though the sun is hidden. That's how it is here in Alor Setar. It's pretty hot....even when it rains.

I feel more relaxed and calm these days. I can feel that my body is feeling a little better although it's still aching here and there. At least it wasn't as bad as it was before. I can feel the difference.This holiday has done me good so far. I'm happy about that. :) More needs to be done in order to feel a lot better. Trying my best to be strong.......

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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Alhamdulillah....praise to Allah......

After about a week.......I finally managed to get online again from home. I got my modem fixed yesterday. The TM technician said it was dead, but it wasn't after all. Luckily I didn't buy a new one. I almost did! It was just a problem with the configuration. Whatever that means! LOL! All I know is, I made a call to TM's customer service again yesterday and complained to the officer about what has happened the past week with the modem and she managed to helped me get the internet connection again. I guess this one is smarter than the one before. Because the one before didn't know how to help me at all. Although getting the connection again wasn't easy. Quite difficult for me to do it as she assisted me with it step by step via online, but finally I successfully got it right and now there is CONNECTION!!! Weeeeehuuuuuuuu!! Hopefully there won't be anymore problem after this. But then again who knows right? Anything can happen as it's not perfect. I've been having this problem so many times before. I have to be prepared to accept whatever comes and just deal with it as usual. the moment I'm just happy that this problem is settled. 

I'm still on leave till end of this month. I'm enjoying the rest. Enjoying my time off from work. I get to go out and do the things that I wanted to do and spend more time with family and that's great :). But even so, I can't seem to sit still. Once in a while I would be seen inside my studio and doing my thing hehehe. It's inevitable. What can I say, creating something makes me happy and in order to feel great again, it's good to be able to do something that makes me happy. At least during this time, I'm creating something without feeling any stress. I can create and abandon the project whenever I like. And of course I get to play with some of my new "toys" (craft tools) that I bought. This is the time when I can experiment with them as long as I want. No time limit hehehe. I get to play all day! Bliss! ;)

As for the 366 days project, I just realised that I have missed 6 days! So for this month I have to make sure that I write those 6 posts that I missed. Otherwise the project won't be complete. So that means, there will be days when I will write more than one posts. Another good challenge for me ;)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since Saturday afternoon I've been experiencing problems in getting online and was wondering what was the problem with my internet connection. Because of that I wasn't able to update my blog for 3 days.

Just yesterday the TM's technicians came over to the house to check what was the problem and now I know that my modem is no longer able to function. It has passed away. :(

I myself am not well enough to go and get the problem fixed just yet. Have not been feeling well for the past week. I'm thinking of taking a long vacation.

I don't think I'll be able to blog as often as I like here either since my modem is dead. Once I get that problem fixed then I'll do my best to write for all the posts that I've missed.

Till then. Adios.......

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Making it possible

Preparing a very serious mission for tomorrow. Feels like mission impossible somehow ahahaha. I know I can do it. It's just a simple task. I just have to pull myself together and just do it! Hope all will turn out well and will have lots of fun. :) Urrggghhh.....I just feel so unprepared!! Boo!

Owh.....I managed to watch "Tangled" again today. Been awhile. It seems that this month, they are showing it at least 8 times on Astro. Wow! I wish I can catch all of the shows but I don't think that's possible. Perhaps I'll only get to watch it 4 times...LOL! :D That's good enough! It's a feel good movie. If ever I feel down....this movie would be the one that lifts me up....yup, this is the one :).'s not just because Flynn Rider is so's everything about it that makes it so wonderful to watch :).

I can't help but think about that blue dove I saw in my dream a few days was so gorgeous. I wonder if it's possible for me to dream about it again. It looked just like the photo above. I kept wondering what it means to dream of a blue dove. Doves are a symbol of peace.......I wish to dream of it again.....hope it's possible.... ;)

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Broken in two

Whooooaaaa.....I thought I was the only one who is not feeling well.....seems like the banana trees at my house feels the same way too......

Just out of the blue, not sure what triggered wind, no rain, no storm whatsoever.......suddenly they just broke in two........

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Unwell...................................... :(

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To the extreme

Extremely extremely extremely tired.

Must go to bed early tonight.

In fact I'm thinking of going to bed now.

My whole body is aching...........huhuhuhuhuhu.................

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Monday, May 7, 2012

In the nick of time

Feeling so exhausted right now. >.<

Been struggling to finish up all the orders since early morning, right up till late in the afternoon. I thank God I managed to make it to the post office just a few minutes before they closed. Phew! Just in the nick of time! Rushed like mad I tell you. I thought I was going to faint while waiting in line for my packages to be posted.

The minute everything was settled, I felt so relieved. Only then did I went to search for something to eat. So hungry. When in a rush like that, there is no time to think about eating. 

I still have some more orders to finish up tonight for tomorrow's delivery. I will get right on it after this. 

Still feeling a little hungry right now. I guess what I had earlier wasn't enough....hahaha.....

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Till the last drop

This is what I usually do with my UHU.......when I can't squeeze the glue out of it anymore, I would cut it open like the photo above.....every bit of the glue left in the tube I will use it till the last drop. Waste not....

I managed to glue ribbons on at least 8 slotted quilling tools using the glue that was left inside the tube.....what's left of it that is......although not that much, at least I didn't waste any..... :)

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