Friday, June 24, 2011

Spring cleaning

I am in no mood at all to do any work right now, I just want a break from work for a while but looking at my working table I can see that there are some work left to finish up before I can take a week long vacation next week. Sigh. It's just a few more things left for me to do and then I can leave my studio behind and take that week long break I've been needing so badly for the past 2 months. 

A lot has happened the past few days. The rambutan trees are filled with bright red rambutans.....all good to eat and giveaway. We've given away a lot already and there are plenty more on the trees. I had a hard time taking the fruits from the trees because of the weaver ants on the trees. They are thousands of them! If not hundreds all over the trees. It's no fun picking the fruits from the trees anymore, not like how it used to be years ago. Not sure where did those weaver ants came from but they sure are a pest! They will bite you any chance they get! haha! I sure did got bitten many times. :) Hopefully before I go on that vacation we get to clean all the fruits from the trees and give them away before it gets too ripe and start rotting. They all have to go.

I did some spring cleaning in the house as well recently, especially in my studio. Gosh, I gotta admit, I am a hoarder. I keep too many things in my room. Things I don't even need or use anymore. I always get the feeling that I will use them one day......yes, one day.....when will that day come, I don't know, but fine day, I'll find a use for them. But that day don't come that often. So when that happens, they just stay there and fills up they room. Overcrowded. So much so that I just can't stand it anymore. I finally threw some things away and of course, I don't just throw them without thinking. Some of them I will give away to people who I feel will find them useful. Because there are stuff that are still  in good condition and can benefit others. I'm also giving away some of my old clothes. Some of them I don't even wear for years. All kept inside the cupboard just screaming to be set free. hahaha. Yes, I'll soon be setting them to live in somebody else's cupboard :D. May they be happier there. :D

Less is definitely more. I am happy with the new feel in my studio. It's less crowded. Less things to trip on. Less things to bang on. :P I have more space! Yay! Finally.....I can breathe. It was so stuffy before. But I still think I need to get rid of a lot more. There's definitely a lot more to let go. Years of hoarding can't be settled in just a few days. It needs time. 30% gone......will get rid 30% more soon. Bit by bit......they will go. Said a lot of goodbyes this week. And will find the courage to say a few more soon. It's all for the best. :)

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eiela said...

saya pun sayang dengan barang-barang sendiri. bagi orang lain maybe tak berguna tapi bagi kita berguna, kalau bukan sekarang maybe di lain masa.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Betul tu Eiela....setuju! :)