Saturday, June 18, 2011


This week was like a roller coaster ride with so many things going on and so many problems that came up and gave me a splitting headache. But today it all came to an end and I feel so grateful and relieved that these problem finally resolved. Phew! 

A quick update on the rambutan trees.....the fruits are ripe and ready to consume! I've been eating them every day now....but not too much coz it's heaty. So every now and then I would stop by the garden and pick some to eat. Nothing is better in my opinion than getting to eat the fruits straight from the tree. So fresh!  It's such a wonderful feeling. A blessing :).

I've just finished up a load of orders for this month and I just have one more big order to finish up before I go on a vacation. Seriously I'm so looking forward to it as I haven't gotten a break for more than a month now. Been working non stop since May. So today I  have a little time off from work to write something here and give this blog a little update on what's been happening. :).

Honestly I wish I can just stay in my studio and play play play with my "toys" and do experiments with new paper craft techniques but with all the orders coming in it's a rare occasion for me to do so. Most of the time, I will be working although sometimes it does on certain occasion feels like playing and sometimes it feels a little forced especially if it's not my favourite design that I have to remake. Some designs, I can just do ALL DAY and not feel forced doing so at all. I guess I can say that I do get bored with certain techniques and will keep looking for new ideas. It helps keep me going and motivated to work. I know it may sound selfish to some to hear me say this but I know that most designers or artist feels the same way. We just don't like to end up like machines in the factory. It's just not us. We don't function well that way. We do what we love and do it well. If we don't love it, it will show in our work when it's done. So, it's very important to be motivated at all times. :)

Gosh I still can't believe that it's June now which means that 6 months has passed by me so fast and soon it'll be July. Kept thinking of what I've accomplished during these past few months. I realised that I've still a lot that I want to do and I know I have to do them before the year ends. I've gotta reach those targets. It will be really disappointing if I don't get them this year.....and I really really want them really bad. I can't just hope for it to happen.....I have to challenge myself. Usually when I'm being challenged that's when I know I can actually do it. If I don't try it, I'll never know. 

I'm so grateful to find out that even though I haven't the time to update my blog everyday, I still get visitors here who drops by to read my blog or listen to the songs I've uploaded here. I hope those who visited had fun listening to the music and enjoyed reading my posts hehe. I believe that most bloggers wish they have the time to update often but we don't usually have the luxury to do so. So thank you so much to those who visited.....and do drop by again whenever you have the time. See you again soon! ;)

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