Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All is well

I have so much to tell, yet so limited time to write. Well for starters, I am grateful that I am feeling so much better now. No more flu, very minimal coughing.....almost gone in fact. Alhamdulillah.

I did something I hadn't done in months today.......which was cycling to the post office for an early morning delivery! hehe! Loved it! Been so long since I last did that. One of the postal clerks was so happy to see me there with my blue bike.....she loved the fact that I can cycle there. Not having to drive all the way there like others do and to her that seems like fun. She thought I lived close by...well, she didn't know that I don't live right next door to the post office.....my house is quite far away from that place.....it took me about 15 minutes to cycle there and another 15 minutes to reach home. I cycled quite fast too. If I were to cycle at a slow pace it would have taken me a much longer time. It's a good workout for me :).

I was shocked last night after watching "Dining With Death" on AFC channel. From now onwards, I'm never going to eat cashew nuts again. No sir! Never! I'm never eating it again. It's not just because it can give me severe allergy attack but also because I was so disgusted with the way the cashews were processed. Who knew it would be so bad. Also found out that people with kidney problem should stay away from eating starfruit....it could kill ya! Yikes!

Am making cards like non stop since God knows when and it doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping any time soon. It's good....I love it......I just wish I have more time in my hands....more ideas and more doe to buy toys for my card making hehehehe. As if I don't have enough already. The ones I have in my studio are enough for 3 years of play and yet still untouched. :P Feel bad about it but I know I'll get around to play with them soon enough. :) Will make sure I will have the time to do so! hehe!

My crochet bag is almost done! I'm so excited about it....but, I can't take all the credit because........here it comes..................................................I didn't do it!!! LOL! My aunt made it for me. She's so sweet! She knew I am busy and need that bag desperately and so she made one for me just the way I like it. Hope to be able to use it soon. I'll be doing the finishing touches to it soon enough. I want to embellish it with some beads to make it look fancy hehe! So happy about that! ;) Will share photos of it here soon!

Oh....almost forgot....for those who have never seen the movie, "Letters To Juliet" before.......WATCH IT!! I saw it a couple of days ago on Star Movies and love love loved it so much. Mostly because Vanessa Redgrave starred in it.....hehe. Love her in all of the movies she's acted in before. Something about her that makes it so pleasant to watch.....she definitely has the charisma. :)

Ok....time to go and get some work done. Tomorrow is going to be another wonderful day. That is my prayer. :)

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