Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A sweet surprise

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Yeah yeah yeah.......the laptop is still with me......I plan to give it back today. Lin!!!!!! :P :P

Anyways.....the reason why  it's still here with me is because I just had to blog about this sweet surprise I got this morning! It's kinda difficult to share these photos if I wanna blog using my I needed the laptop for this purpose.'s so much easier to blog with the lappy right? hehe!

My dear friend Sandi sent me an email this morning with photos of her dear son Jed receiving a Valentine's day card made by yours truly hehehe. It's a quilled red teddy bear card I made and gave her some time ago. It was my Christmas gift for her. I'm so happy that she used it for this occasion. It's not actually a Valentine's Day's a love theme can be used for any occasion. I'm so happy to know that my card saved her seems that she forgot to buy or make a Valentine's day card for her son and hubby and after searching for a blank card in her desk drawers, she found my quilled teddy bear card that was perfect for the occasion. So happy as well to know that Jed and her hubby loved the card so much!! That really made my day!! :)

Thank you Sandi for sharing with me this sweet moments of you and your family. I have a big smile on my face right now....a really big one!!! ;) 

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Grace to You said...

This is so funny...because I was going to blog about it too! :D

Thank you again for saving my skin!! :)