Monday, February 14, 2011


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I'm so happy today .......I got permission from my aunt to borrow her lappy for one day so that I finish some of my work with it. There are some assignments that I needed to get done and since it's an online assignment, I needed to use her lappy since my PC is unable to access the internet. To cut the story short.....the assignments are all done! Yippeee! Mission accomplished! Thank God for the Wifi too......I'm really loving this Wifi's great!! Thank you Streamyx hehehe.... ;)

My housemate a.k.a my Mom is not feeling so great though......been coughing and coughing since a few days now and it got worse last night. Both of us were not able to sleep at all last night......she and I were like a zombies this morning. I really hope the medicine she is taking will help her feel better and cure the cough soon.

Kept thinking about my cute little bunny friend since this morning.  I think about my bunny friend everyday 24/7....Wondering how my little bunny is doing these days. I'm sure everything is fine but as usual.....I can't help wondering. That's me. Worry for no reason. :P I really really miss my cute bunny.....we are like the same but different at the same time you know. Don't know how to explain it. Only my cute bunny and I understand it. Sad but true.  :(

Today is already Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday and the day after that is Wednesday and and and and......huhuhuhuhu.......not much time left for me.....I just have to learn to work faster. I wish I didn't have to go on that trip but what to's already fixed and whether I like it or not, I have to go. I will just have to make the best of it. Think positive. Good things will always come out of always does.

Oh! I almost forgot! I received a Christmas package from my dear friend Sandi!! Yup! It arrived yesterday! I never thought that I would be receiving it because she mailed it to me on 26th of November 2010!! Imagine that! It's February 2011 now and only now do I get the package hehehe.....but I'm glad it arrived to me in good condition considering the time it spent for more than 3 months from US to Malaysia hehe! It's a wonder that it's still in good shape! Thank you so much Sandi! I really appreciate the card and gifts! For a person who does not even celebrate Christmas, I sure do get a lot of Christmas gifts! hehe! I must send her a card and gifts during my Eid celebration next time! hehe!

 * Sandi's son Jed made this beautiful Christmas ornament!! See his signature at the back of the ornament?? It's so beautiful! I'm thinking of where to place this beautiful ornament inside my studio hehe! Thank you Jed! :)

Ok....I better get some work done. That's the thing with me.....I can't seem to stay offline for long. I'm an addict you see hehehe........that's one of my problems. Work does not get done if you stay online for too long dear Lin.... ;). Tata!!

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Grace to You said...

YAY!!! So glad it finally arrived!!! It was just a little something, but still...when your child's artwork is floating around nowhere-to-be-found, it's hard not to fret about it. :D

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

I know how you feel dear! And I'm so glad I finally get to see it in person.. It's so beautiful! Jed did a great job at it! Love it! Hugs to Jed for me! And hugs to you to for the lovely card and book! :)