Monday, November 1, 2010

Lemon flowers

Lemon flowers.....aren't they pretty? It's the first time for me to see lemon flowers blossom....and looking at them blossom in our own garden is fantastic. I can't wait to see them turn into lemons....lots and lots of lemons! hehee! When my Mom bought it, it already has one lemon on it.....but is still green in hasn't turn yellow yet. It sure does take a while to change it's colour. I'm so impatient.....just can't wait to see the changes hehehe.... :D

I took the photos a few days ago.....when the weather was hot and sunny outside. Right now, it's raining non stop over here. It's worrying me coz I don't want to face another flood here in Alor Setar.

We've already replanted the lemon tree in a bigger pot. Hopefully it will grow nicely. :)
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