Monday, November 22, 2010

A funny encounter

I never thought I would say this today.....but, I'm surprised how peaceful I feel right now. I'm finally at peace. Things are looking good. What kept bugging me the past few days doesn't bother me anymore. What a big relief. :)

Today didn't seem so eventful.....nothing great happened except for a few things regarding work that I am very happy about. :) Big smiles :). The past few days have been really hectic. A lot of work to be done. A lot, I tell ya! I'm always busy busy busy....huhuhuhu. I can't remember when was the last time I had the chance to watch anything on TV. 

Went to Pizza Hut today.....the one where Cathy Cinema used to be. First time for me to set foot in it. :P Kept wondering if the pizza there is going to be any good. I do know the one at Tesco is not up to my standards and the other one near Mergong is lousy. So, I was really hoping that this one is going to be good. Otherwise, I would have to go to Sungai Petani if I ever want to eat Pizza Hut's pizza  again :P. So! The thing is, we didn't eat there. We decided to take away instead. While waiting for our pizza to be prepared, one of the customer sitting next to us got up to get their order.......AND!!!!!! I got a shock when I saw his pants! His pants was cut open at the back! One BIG hole I tell ya! And the big cut look like as if it was intentional! But why? Why oh why???!!!! God!! Everyone there could see his bum....his hairy bum! Eeeeewwwwwww!!! If you have a bum as good looking as Daniel Craig's bum, hey....I wouldn't mind if you had a big hole in your pants......because his bum is so good looking......but when you have an ugly bum like that.....please, please hide it! OK??!! HIDE IT WELL!!! Good grief! :P Well, I guess that was the highlight of my not so eventful day hahahahaha.......I couldn't stop was just too freaking funny and gross at the same time. Hahahaha!

The weather tonight looks like it's going to rain did rained just a little bit this afternoon.....not enough to water the plants outside...hahaha. Perhaps the rain that's coming tonight will finish the job. It would be nice weather at night......will help me sleep better tonight.  I can hear the raindrops outside the house right now.....a good sign for me to go offline early tonight. I hate to leave the PC on during heavy rain....especially if there is lightning. 

A few more rounds of surfing and checking my emails and I'm signing off. Have a good Monday evening everyone! :)

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