Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feverish feeling

Feeling a little feverish right now......thinking to myself why I feel this way. Then I remembered.....I did too much of laundry this afternoon.....A LOT I tell ya!! Yup....been keeping the dirty laundry since the flood hit us. :P Tsk...tsk...tsk.....Luckily we have a washing machine at home and it's still working even though it was soaked in the flood for a few days......coz I can't imagine doing the laundry all by hand.

I try not to waste the laundry I used it to wash the mud on the floor outside the house. I shouldn't have done it. I should have realized that it was hot at the time outside and there I was cleaning the floor under the hot sun at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Stupid isn't it? But I didn't feel it was so bad at the time.....didn't think I was going to feel this sick now because of it. Well.....lesson learned.

Oh! I almost forgot! I saw another biawak this morning in front of the gate at our house!  I just came back from the post office and wanted to get in the house when I saw the little creature . It was just standing there in the middle of the gate, staring at me as I walked towards it. I kept his eyesight not working well? Can't the little bugger see me?? It seems it couldn't care less that I was approaching it. I tried to scare him away......but he only panicked as I was getting near him. Maybe he is longsighted??? hahaha....I donno. All I know is, when I was just 2 feet away from him, he started to panic and jumped straight into the big drain! Phew! :P Bye bye biawak!

Blogging right now while listening to Julio and Sting singing.....aaahhhh.....what better way to spend the night than listening to these two magic voices. :) Bliss!!
I can't help but think about what happened the other day.........volunteers from The Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia came to visit us at our home. They went from house to house to give out donations in forms of food and daily supplies plus money for the flood victims at our area. I was really surprised by their visit. I felt so touched by their help. They helped everyone regardless of religion or race. That's the spirit! That's what we need here in our country. :) Hoyeaaahhhhhh!!!!

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