Monday, November 15, 2010

A choice

Got a shock today to find out from the maid agency that Rose is sick. She got chicken pox! Poor girl... :( . Poor me too cause now I have to finish cleaning the mud at our house all by myself. I thought I was getting help today with the cleaning.....but I guess not. :( So you can always plan ahead for something....but you'll never know what God has planned for you. Gotta always be prepared for the worst.

My Mom is still sad about what happened to her garden. A lot of her trees and small plants died due to the flood. Yup...she's pretty sad about it..... especially since her kaffir lime tree (pokok limau purut) that she just planted and was growing nicely in the garden before the flood,  is now officially dead. :( Be strong Mom.....there will always be another chance for you to plant another kaffir lime tree in your garden. It's not the end of the world.....

For a few days now I see a few people riding on their bikes going from one house to another in search of rubbish that they can sell. Usually when there is a flood at the area, there are bound to be a lot of damages in the house, especially to the furniture, electric appliances and etc etc. So, these things pretty valuable to those who knows what to do with it. They collect all the things we dump outside the house. Some collect plastic wares, some collect metal parts from furniture and other stuff that they can recycle. One man's waste is another man's treasure. :)

I'm a little upset about something......but as usual, things like this happens to me a lot. And I can't control it from not happening to me. It just happens. Out of the blue. I can however control my feelings these days..... a lot better than before. I guess it comes with the age. The older I get, the more calmer I become when facing with situations like this. I try not to think about it too much......and just focus on my responsibilities. Or better yet, I deal with it by cleaning the house hehehehe. Anything that can get my mind off of the things that upsets me. Nothing is more important than peace of the mind and heart. If I can't make myself happy......nobody can. It's a choice. And I choose to be happy today, no matter what.... :).

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