Saturday, November 27, 2010

A box of goodies

Late this morning everyone in our neighbourhood received each a box of goodies (ie: rice, biscuits, sardines, milk, Milo, cooking oil, cereals etc etc) from the government. I didn't expect to be getting anything like this from the government since we never received anything from the last 2 floods that hit us years ago.

This is the second time we got goodies since the flood.....the first time was from the Buddist Society. We are also getting compensation from the government in the form of money for our loses. I must say this time around, we are very lucky. Very very lucky. Very thankful for all the things we are getting now. At least it helps lessen the burden we faced from the flood. Not everything inside the box is suitable for us to eat though. Some are meant for kids. So we'll be giving those away to families who have kids at home. :)

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